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George & Wanda - Pet goldfish featured on episode No. 15:  "Friends" aired January 30, 1979 on the situation comedy TAXI/ABC/NBC/1978-83.

Tony Danza as Tony Banta - TAXI George & Wanda - Goldfish - TAXI Jeff Conaway as Bobby Wheeler - TAXI
Tony Banta George & Wanda Bobby Wheeler

George & Wanda were owned by Tony Banta (Tony Danza), a New York City taxi driver and part-time boxer. When Tony went out of town for a prize fight, he left his pet fish in the care of his friend and fellow cab driver, Bobby Wheeler (Jeff Conaway).

Unfortunately, Bobby forgot to feed the fish and they died. Realizing his mistake, Bobby tried to buy replacement fish in hopes of fooling Tony. They did not. The death of the fish almost destroyed their friendship, but Tony eventually forgave Bobby for his negligence.

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