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Dr. John Zoidberg - Jewish red lobster-like creature with many surviving patients on the animated sci-fi spoof FUTURAMA/FOX/1999-2002+.

Dr. John Zoidberg

Zoidberg (voice of Billy West) comes from the planet Decapod 10 and now works as a staff doctor for Planet Express on Earth in the year 3000.

Zoidberg has a B.S. in Invertebrate Biology from Mars University and a M.D. from the prestigious Outer Zytog School of Medicine (founded 2563). He did his medical residency at Qu'lox General Hospital and All You Can Eat Buffet, specializing in Family Medicine and Dessert Preparation.

Unfortunately, he can't tell a male from a female nor a heart from an intestine. A sample of Dr. Zoidberg's incompetency follows:

Dr. Zoidberg: Relax Fry I'll simply spin you through a high speed centrifuge separating the denser fluids of His Highness.
Fry:  Yeah, but won't that crush my bones?
Dr. Zoidberg: The bones. I always forget the bones.

During mating season, a large fin pops out of his head. Consequently, he becomes extremely violent. Unfortunately, his species dies after mating (like the Pacific Salmon). So while sex is enticing, it's not a good idea.

Zoidberg's talents include the ability to squirt ink; coughs up pearls; and to clip coupons with his pinchy claws. For fun he enjoys eating garbage and anchovies.

Zoidberg at the beach with his friends
Zoidberg at the Beach with his friends

The Doctor's family members include his parents are Sam & Sadie, his cousin Zoidfarb, and his long lost Uncle Harold Zoid, a silent Hologram star.

Zoidberg's secret dream is to become a famous movie star or comedian ("Good Evening, Ladies and Germs!").

"Fellows, fellows, how about a film we can all enjoy?
 Planet of the Clams. It's about an upside-down world
 where lobster is slave to clam."

-- Dr, Zoidberg, Futurama

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