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Octopus & Squid

Squidward Tentacles - Octopus seen on the Nickelodeon cartoon series  SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS/NIK/1999+


Born October 13, 1986, Squidward Tentacles works as a casher at the Krusty Krab Seafood Restaurant in Bikini Bottom on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. His boss is Mr. Eugene H. Krabs. His coworker is a happy-go-lucky fry cook named SpongeBob SquarePants who lives next-door to Squidward at 122 Conch Street..

While SpongeBob is always cheerful, Squidward has a sour disposition. He hates his job, belittles everything and thinks that SpongeBob and his friend Patrick Starfish are very annoying.

Squidward's hobbies include art, interpretive dance and playing the clarinet (terribly). He wants to be rich and famous, but always fails to attain his dreams. Squidward is always reminded of his failure in life by former band class member member Squilliam Fancyson, a wealthy look-alike who looks down on Squidward. 

Squidward: I have a theory. People talk loud when they want to seem smart right?
Plankton: CORRECT!

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