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Zygons - Zygons - Seven-foot alien with octopus-like suction cups all over its body featured on the episode "Terror of the Zygons" during the 13th season of the British syndicated sci-fi series DOCTOR WHO/BBC/1963-89.


Centuries ago, the Zygons sent a scouting ship to Earth as a prelude to invasion. The spacecraft crash-landed into the watery depths of a lake later to be called Loch Ness. Stranded, the Zygons attempted to repair their damaged starship.

To scare away any intruders while they rebuilt their ship at the bottom of the lake, the Zygons unleashed the Skarasen, a huge creature (part animal and part machine).

When the Zygons learned that a fleet of spaceships from their former homeworld (now destroyed) was searching for a new home, the Zygons began their plan to subjugate Earth.

Fortunately, their plan for total domination of the planet failed with help from an eccentric Timelord named Doctor Who (Tom Baker).

With the Zygons destroyed, their aquatic monster, the Skarasen (an "armored cyborg of devastating power") was left to roam the lake as the Loch Ness Monster.

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