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Munster Menus - The spooky Munster family on the situation comedy THE MUNSTERS/CBS/1964-68 ate a strange assortment of foods. Most of the Munster's meals were prepared by devoted housewife Lily Munster who eagerly encouraged her little boy Eddie "Don't just sit there, wolf down your food."

Munsters anticipating a hot meal

The following is a list of typical food fare eaten by this most unusual family. Their main diet included:

  • Chopped lizard livers.
  • Cold rhinoceros tongue sandwiches.
  • Fillet of dragon.
  • Eggs (Gloomy side up).
  • Cream of vulture soup (Herman's favorite).
  • Curried lizard casserole.
  • Rolled hyena-foot roast.
  • Bird's nest stew (Grandpa's favorite).
  • Warm ladyfingers with pickled frog ears.
  • Dodo bird roast, cream of buzzard or iguana soup; cactus. salad, and salamander salad with centipede dressing.
  • Bloody Mary or bat's milk (served hot).

Their meals were topped off with a nice serving of Devil's Food cake. Lily wasn't the only cook in the family. Grandpa Munster who often concocted potions in his basement laboratory once made some Nothin' Muffins (one bite turns anything into nothin') As he recalled "Thirty years ago in Detroit, a fellow ate a batch of 'em. Next day he sat down and designed the Essex."

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