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Coneheads Movie (1993)Conehead Food - On the NBC late night comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE comedians Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin and Laraine Newman portrayed the Coneheads, alien residents from the planet Rumulak who crash-landed on Earth and secretly lived under the guise of a suburban New Jersey family.

One of their most obvious customs was their eating habits which included sloppily drinking mass quantities of beers (six-packs) and gulping chunks of uncooked chicken flesh (as well as blueberry Eggos, Pop Tarts and light bulbs).

Years later the motion picture The Coneheads (1993) gave us more insight into their eating habits such as the custom of going to what the Remulakans called a "House of Intake," a place similar to an earthling restaurant.

These eateries seated patrons at a table equipped with tubes that were used to suck out a variety of food stuffs. All food served was pre-prepared and stored in tanks beneath the serving tables. When the food supply needed to be replenished waitresses refilled appropriate vessels. The Remulakan's favorite dishes included:

  • Sorb Chunks - a yellow tofu-like food made from fossil sediments from ancient plants and animals that were mined from the ground much like earthlings worked coal deposits.
  • Pulp Swerl - white fibrous pudding chemically produced and processed in large factories.
  • Blargg - (blue granulated fungus grown in large holding tanks and harvested like a cranberry bog.
  • Gelatosphere - a legal drug akin to marijuana which is popular with musicians and delinquent youth. A bong-like broiler burner is kept beneath a table to generate sufficient amounts of Gelatophere smoke to inhale during meals.
  • Plotts - a radioactive drink similar to beer created from the fermented purple berries from the sacred Plottsberry tree.
  • Garthok - a six-legged beast with tusk-like fangs barbecued over a Flametable. It's milk can be used to process Gathok cheese.

For additional information on the planet Remulak read: "Coneheads: The Life and Times of Beldar Conehead" by Tom Davis and Dan Aykroyd - as told to Gorman Seedling, INS Commissioner, Retired (Hyperion, 1993).

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