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Star Trek Food - The science fiction adventure STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69 and its subsequent sequels mentioned a variety of futuristic foods. The following is a list:

  • Augergine Stew - Enjoyed by Commander Sisko.
  • Bregit Lung - traditional Klingon dish.
  • Gagh - raw Klingon serpent worms "Ummmmm Good!"
  • Heart of Targ - Traditional Klingon Dish.
  • Kohlanese Stew - Dish served at Quark's Bar.
  • Larish Pie - Cardassian food served at Quark's Bar.
  • Lokar Beans - Dish served at Quark's Bar.
  • Mantickian Pate - Dish created by Lwaxana Troi.
  • Owon Eggs - Delicacy prepared by Commander Riker.
  • Partha ala Yuta - Acamarian spiced vegetable dish.
  • Pasta al Fiorella - Dish enjoyed by Giordi La Forge.
  • Petrokian Sausage - Enterprise-D replicator menu item.
  • Pipius Claw - Traditional Klingon Dish.
  • Plomeek Soup - Traditional Vulcan dish.
  • Rokeg Blood Pie - Traditional Klingon pie.
  • Sem'hal Stew - Dish available on Deep Space Nine.
  • Tube Grubs - Worm-like Ferengi Dish, eaten alive.
  • Vermicula - Antedean worm-like food.
  • Yamok sauce - Cardassian condiment.

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