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McDougal - Pet frog featured on the situation comedy OUR MISS BROOKS/CBS/1952-56.

Philip Boynton - OUR MISS BROOKS

  McDougal the Frog - OUR MISS BROOKS

Philip Boynton


McDougal ("Mac") belonged to Philip Boynton (Robert Rockwell), a handsome but shy biology teacher who worked at Madison High School. Philip was the frog's constant companion.

During spring fever, Boynton's fellow teacher Connie Brooks (Eve Arden)  introduced Mac to a female frog named Millie that was found in a local park. Connie hoped that by giving Mac a companion, that it might also spark Philip romantically for Valentines' Day. Although Philip didn't get the message, Mac however, loved Millie and later that day called Connie on the phone to speak (croak) with Millie.

Excerpt from OUR MISS BROOKS Radio Program

Student: I hope your not expecting Mr. Boynton to have lunch with you today Mr. Brooks, he told me he was eating his lunch in the laboratory because he didn't want to leave McDougal alone.
Connie Oh, don't tell me that that frog is sick again.
Student: Not actually, sick, it's spring fever or something.
Boynton: I've just been examining McDougal, you know my frog. He's got e a little worried, He's way off his feed and well look at him [Frog croaks] Don't you think his eyes pop out more than usual.
Connie: Yes, for a minute I thought he was Eddie Cantor.
Brooks: Well, it's getting very close to spring and after all you raised him from a tadpole. It's only natural that you should think of him as your baby but he's a big boy mow.
Boynton: What do you mean Miss Brooks?
Connie: Did it ever occur to you that Mac gets all alone in that cage?
Boynton: Well, I let him out of the cage all the time, He hops all over the lab.
Connie: What good is that, he doesn't have any friends here.
Boynton: Oh I don't know, there's always a number of guinea pigs around. Course he doesn't pay much attention to them.
Connie: Well Naturally. Guinea pig make fine friends for a guinea pig. A frog might crave a different kind of companionship
Boynton: Well, what about me. I'm very close to McDougal? I've been his constant companion
Connie: If I were a frog I think I wouldn't consider that an ideal arrangement. No, I think I'd like something a little more frog like.
Boyton: What are you getting at Miss Brook?
Connie: Look, did you ever sit down and tell McDougal about the birds and the bees?
Boynton What does he want with birds and bees, he won't even make friends with guinea pigs
Connie: Well, let me put it this way, Mrs. Davis my landlady has a cat named Minerva, Now around this time of year Minerva keeps both of us awake half the night with her almost incessant yowling.
Boynton: Have you tried giving her a saucer of milk?
Connie: That's not what she yowling about, Mr. Boynton!!!
   -- Episode "The Frog" (02-20-1949)

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