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California (Southern), State of

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Program Location
The D.A./NBC/1971-72 Los Angeles
Daddy's Girls/CBS/1994 Los Angeles
Dan August/ABC/1970-71 Santa Luisa
Dan Raven/NBC/1960-61 Hollywood
A Date With Judy/ABC/1951-53 Old California
Date with the Angels/ABC/1957-58 Los Angeles
David Cassidy-Man Undercover/NBC/1978-79 Los Angeles
Dear Detective/CBS/1979. Los Angeles
Dear Phoebe/NBC/1954-55 Los Angeles
Death Valley Days/SYN/1952-72 & 75 Death Valley
December Bride/CBS/1954-59 Westwood, Los Angeles
Delvecchio/CBS/1976-77 Los Angeles
The Dennis O'Keefe Show/CBS/1959-60 Los Angeles
Detective School/ABC/1979 Los Angeles
The Devlin Connection/NBC/1982 Los Angeles
Dirty Sally/CBS/1974 Old California (Gold Rush Days)
The Doctor's/NBC/1969-73 Los Angeles
Doctors' Hospital/NBC/1975-76 Los Angeles
Doctors' Private Lives/ABC/1979 Los Angeles
Dog And Cat/ABC/1977 Los Angeles
Doogie Howser, M.D./ABC/1989-93 Los Angeles
Down and Out in Beverly Hills/FOX/1987 Beverly Hills
Downtown/CBS/1986-87 Los Angeles
Dog and Cat/ABC/1977. Los Angeles
Dragnet/NBC/1951-59/1967-70 Los Angeles
Dragnet/SYN/1989-90 Los Angeles
The Duck Factory/NBC/1984 Hollywood
Duet/FOX/1987-89 Los Angeles
Easy Street/NBC/1986-87. Beverly Hills
Eisenhower & Lutz/CBS/1988 Palm Springs
The Eddie Capra Mysteries/NBC/1978-79 Los Angeles
Ellen (These Friends of Mine)/ABC/1994-98 Los Angeles
Emerald Point, N.A.S./CBS/1983-84 Naval Air Station
Emergency/NBC/1972-73 Los Angeles
Enos/CBS/1980-81 Los Angeles
Executive Suite/CBS/1976-77 Los Angeles
Eye To Eye/ABC/1985 Los Angeles
The Fall Guy/ABC/1981-86 Hollywood
Fame L.A./SYN/1997 Los Angeles
Family/ABC/1976-80 Pasadena
Family Law/CBS/1999-2002. Los Angeles
A Family for Joe/NBC/1990 Los Angeles
The Family Man/CBS/1990-91 Los Angeles
The Famous Teddy Z/CBS/1989-90. Hollywood
Fast Times/CBS/1986 Ridgemont High School, Los Angeles in San Fernando Valley
Fastlane/FOX.2002-03 Warehouse called the
"The Candy Store" in Los Angeles
Faraday & Company/NBC/1973-74 Los Angeles
The Feather & Father Gang/ABC/1977 Los Angeles
Felony Squad/ABC/1966-69 Los Angeles
Ferris Bueller/NBC/1990 Ocean Park High School,
Santa Monica
Firehouse/ABC/1974 Los Angeles
First Time Out/WB/1995 Los Angeles
Flying High/CBS/1978-79 Los Angeles
The Four Seasons/CBS/1984 Los Angeles
Fresh Prince of Bel Air/NBC/1990-96 Bel Air
Freshman Dorm/CBS/1992 Western State University
Friends/ABC/1979 Westerby
Funny Face/CBS/1971 Los Angeles
Future Cop/ABC/1977 Los Angeles
Gavilan/NBC/1982-83 Malibu Beach
The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show/CBS/1950-58 Beverly Hills
The George Burns Show/NBC/1958-59 Beverly Hills
George Lopez/ABC/2002+ Los Angeles
Get Christie Love/ABC/1974-75 Los Angeles
Getting Together/ABC/1971-72 Los Angeles
Gidget/ABC/1965-66 Santa Monica
Gimme A Break/NBC/1981-87 Glenlawn
The Girl with Something Extra/NBC/1973-4 Los Angeles
Glynis/CBS/1963. San Diego
Going Places/ABC/1990-91 Los Angeles Beach House
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C./CBS/1964-70 Camp Henderson
Good Advice/CBS/1993-94 Los Angeles
The Good Guys/CBS/1968-70 Los Angeles
Good Morning World/CBS/1967-68 Los Angeles
Good News/UPN/1997 South Central Los Angeles
Grady/NBC/1975-76 Santa Monica
The Grand Jury/SYN/1959 Los Angeles
Grand Slam/CBS/1990. San Diego
Griff/ABC/1973-74 Westwood
Gun Shy/CBS/1983 Quake City, 1869
Guns Of Paradise/CBS/1991 Town of Paradise, 1890s

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