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California (Southern), State of

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Program Location
L.A. Doctors/CBS/1998-99 Los Angeles
L.A. Firefighters/FOX/1996 Los Angeles
L.A. Law/NBC/1986-1994 Los Angeles
Lanigan's Rabbi/NBC/1977 Town of Cameron
The Larry Sanders Show/HBO/1992-98 Los Angeles
Lassie/CBS/1954-71/SYN/1971-74 Town of Calverton
Laverne & Shirley/ABC/1976-83 Burbank
The Lawyers/NBC/1969-72 Los Angeles
Legmen/NBC/1984 Southern California
Leo & Liz In Beverly Hills/CBS/1986 Beverly Hills
The Lieutenant/NBC/1963-64 Camp Pendleton
The Life & Times of Eddie Roberts/SYN/1980 Anaheim
The Life of Riley/NBC/1949-50/1953-58 Los Angeles
Life with Lucy/ABC/1986 Los Angeles
Live Shot/UPN/1995-96 Los Angeles
Lou Grant/CBS/1977-82 Los Angeles
Love & Curses/SYN/1991 Northridge, Los Angeles
Love & Marriage/NBC/1959-60 Los Angeles
Love Thy Neighbor/ABC/1973. San Fernando Valley
Loves Me, Loves Me Not/CBS/1977 Los Angeles
Madame's Place/SYN/1982-83 Madame's Mansion, Hollywood
The Magician/NBC/1973-74 Hollywood
Major Dad/CBS/1989-1993 Oceanside
Major Dell Conway of the Flying Tigers/DUM/1951-52 Los Angeles
Malibu, CA/SYN/1998-2000 Malibu Beach
Malibu Run/CBS/1961 Malibu Beach
Malibu Shores/ABC/1996 Malibu & San Fernando Valley
Mama Rosa/ABC/1950 Hollywood
Man Of The People/NBC/1991 7th District, Long View
Mann & Machine/NBC/1992 Los Angeles In the Near Future
Manhunt/SYN/1959-61 San Diego
Mannix/CBS/1967-75 Los Angeles
Many Happy Returns/CBS/1964-65 Krockmeyer's Department Store,
Los Angeles
Marcus Welby, M.D./ABC/1969-76 Santa Monica
Markham/CBS/1959-60 Los Angeles
Martial Law/CBS/1998-2000 Los Angeles
Matt Helm/ABC/1975-76 Los Angeles
Matt Houston/ABC/1982-85 Los Angeles
Matt Lincoln/ABC/1970-71 Los Angeles
Mayor of Hollywood/NBC/1952 Hollywood
Max Monroe: Loose Cannon/CBS/1990 Los Angeles
McClain's Law/NBC/1981-82 San Pedro
McNaughton's Daughter/NBC/1976 Los Angeles
Me and the Chimp/CBS/1972 San Pascal
Medic/NBC/1954-56 Los Angeles
Medical Center/CBS/1969-76 Los Angeles
Meet Corliss Archer/CBS/1951-52/SYN/1954-55 Los Angeles
Mickey/ABC/1964-65 Newport Beach Harbor
The Mickey Rooney Show/NBC/1954-55 Hollywood
Misfits of Science/NBC/1985-86 Los Angeles
Mrs. Columbo/NBC/1979 San Fernando Valley
Mrs. G. Goes To College/CBS/1961-62 Southern California
Mr. Adams and Eve/CBS/1957-58 Hollywood
Mr. Ed/SYN/CBS/1961-66 Los Angeles
Mr. Lucky/CBS/1959-60 Offshore California
Mr. Novak/NBC/1963-65 Los Angeles
Mobile One/ABC/1975 Los Angeles
The Mod Squad/ABC/1968-73 Los Angeles
Models, Inc./FOX/1994-95 Los Angeles
Molloy/FOX/1990 Beverly Hills
Mona McCluskey/NBC/1965-66 Hollywood
The Monkees/NBC/1966-68 Los Angeles
Moonlighting/ABC/1985-89 Los Angeles
Most Wanted/ABC/1976-77 Los Angeles
The Mothers-in-Law/NBC/1967-69 Los Angeles
Mulligan's Stew/NBC/1977 Birchfield
Murder One/ABC/1995-96 Los Angeles
My Favorite Husband/CBS/1953-55. Westwood
My Favorite Martian/CBS/1963-66 Los Angeles
My Friend Tony/NBC/1969 Los Angeles
My Hero/NBC/1952-53 Los Angeles
My Living Doll/CBS/1964-65. Los Angeles
My Mother the Car/NBC/1965-66 Los Angeles
My Three Sons/ABC/CBS/1960-72 North Hollywood

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