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California (Southern), State of

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Program Location
Salvage I/ABC/1979 Southern California
Sam/CBS/1978 Los Angeles
The San Pedro Beach Bums/ABC/1977 San Pedro
Sanchez OF Bel Air/USA/1986-87 Bel Air
The Sandy Duncan Show/CBS/1972 Los Angeles
Sanford/NBC/1980-81 Watts, Los Angeles
Sanford & Son/NBC/1972-77 Watts, Los Angeles
The Sanford Arms/NBC/1977 Watts, Los Angeles
Santa Barbara/NBC/1984-93 Santa Barbara
Sarge/NBC/1971-72 San Diego
Saved By The Bell/NBC/1989-93 Town of Palisades
Saved By The Bell: The College Years/NBC/1993-94 California University
Saved By The Bell: The New Class/NBC/1993-2000 Town of Palisades
Second Chance/FOX/1987-88 Venice
Second Chances/CBS/1993-94 Santa Rita
The Second Hundred Years/ABC/1967-68 Town of Woodland Oaks
Secrets of Isis/CBS/1975-78 Town of Larkspur
77 Sunset Strip/ABC/1958-64 Hollywood
Sex, Love & Secrets/UPN/2005 Hollywood (Silver Lake)
Shades Of L.A./SYN/1990-91 Los Angeles
Shaky Ground/FOX/1992-93 Los Angeles
Shaping Up/ABC/1984 Los Angeles
The Shield/FX/2002+ Farmington District, Los Angeles
Sierra/NBC/1974 Sierra National Park
Sigmund & the Sea Monster/NBC/1973-75 Cyprus Beach
Significant Others/FOX/1998 Los Angeles
The Silent Force/ABC/1970-71 Southern California
Simon & Simon/CBS/1981-88 San Diego
Six Feet Under/HBO/2001-2005 .Los Angeles
The Sixth Sense/ABC/1972 Los Angeles
Sledge Hammer/ABC/1986-88 Los Angeles
Small & Frye/CBS/1983 Los Angeles
Small Wonder/SYN/1985-89 Los Angeles
The Smith Family/ABC/1971-72 Los Angeles
The Smothers Brothers Show/CBS/1965-66 Los Angeles
So This is Hollywood/NBC/1955 Hollywood
South of Sunset/CBS/1993 Los Angeles
Sparks/UPN/1996-97 Compton
Spencer's Pilots/CBS/1976 Southern California
Square Pegs/CBS/1982-83 Weemawee Heights
Starsky & Hutch/ABC/1975-79 Los Angeles
Steve Canyon/NBC/1958-59 Edwards Air Force Base (later Big Thunder Air Base)
Steve Randall/DUM/CBS/1952-53 Hollywood
Stockard Channing in Just Friends/CBS/1979 Beverly Hills
The Stockard Channing Show/CBS/1980 West Hollywood
Stone/ABC/1980 Los Angeles
Storefront Lawyers/CBS/1970-71 Century City
Strike Force/ABC/1981-82 Los Angeles
Stunt Dawgs/SYN/1992-93 Hollywood
Sugar Time!/ABC/1977-78 Los Angeles
Sunset Beach/NBC/1997-99 Southern California
Sunset Beat/ABC/1990 Los Angeles
S.W.A.T./ABC/1975-76 Southern California
Switch/CBS/1975-78 Los Angeles
Sydney/CBS/1990 Los Angeles
The Tab Hunter Show/NBC/1960-61 Malibu
Tabitha/ABC/1977-78 Los Angeles
Teachers Only/NBC/1982-83 Los Angeles
Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills/USA/1994-95 Los Angeles
Tenafly/NBC/1973-74 Los Angeles
Ten Speed and Brown Shoe/ABC/1980 Los Angeles
Tequila & Bonetti/CBS/1992 Venice
That 80s Show/FOX/2002 San Diego
Those Whiting Girls/CBS/1955 Los Angeles
Three's Company/ABC/1977-84 Santa Monica
The Tim Conway Show/CBS/1970 Southern California
Time Express/CBS/1979 Union RR Station
T.J. Hooker/ABC/1982-85/CBS/1985-86 Southern California
Tom, Dick & Mary/NBC/1964-65 Southern California
The Tom Ewell Show/CBS/1960-61 Los Angeles
Total Security/ABC/1997-98 Los Angeles
Trauma Center/ABC/1983 Los Angeles
Trial and Error/CBS/1988 Los Angeles
The Trials of Rosie O'Neill/CBS/1990-92 Los Angeles
Tucker's Witch/CBS/1982-83 Los Angeles
Turnabout/NBC/1979 Los Angeles
21 Jump Street/FOX/SYN/1987-91 Los Angeles
240-Robert/ABC/1979-81 Los Angeles
The Tycoon/ABC/1964-65 Los Angeles
Unhappily Ever After/WB/1995-99 Los Angeles
V.I.P./SYN/1998-2002 Los Angeles
Viva Valdez/ABC/1976 East Los Angeles
Watching Ellie/NBC/2002 Los Angeles
Waterfront/SYN/1954-56. San Pedro Harbor
Wendy and Me/ABC/1964-65 Southern California
Westinghouse Playhouse/NBC/1961 Beverly Hills
Westside Medical/ABC/1977 Los Angeles
We've Got Each Other/CBS/1977-78 Los Angeles
What Really Happened to the Class of 65?/NBC/1977-78 Los Angeles
What's Happening!!/ABC/1976-79 Los Angeles
What's Happening Now!!/SYN/1985-88 Los Angeles
When the Whistle Blows/ABC/1980 Los Angeles
The Whirlybirds/SYN/1957-59 Longwood Field
The White Shadow/CBS/1978-81 Los Angeles
Whiz Kids/CBS/1983-84 Calabasas
Wild Palms/ABC/1993 Los Angeles
The Wizard/CBS/1986-87 Los Angeles
A Year at the Top/CBS/1977 Hollywood
Yes, Yes Nanette/NBC/1961 Beverly Hills
Yes, Dear/CBS/2000-2006 Los Angeles
Zorro/FAM/1990-94 Old Spanish Los Angeles
Zorro/ABC/1957-59 Old Spanish Los Angeles
Zorro and Son/CBS/1983 Old Spanish Los Angeles

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