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District of Columbia, (Washington, DC)
Program Location
The Agency/CBS/2001-2003 Central Intelligence Agency
Alias/ABC/2001-2006 Central Intelligence Agency, SD-6
All's Fair/CBS/1976-77 Washington Suburbs
Baby, I'm Back/CBS/1978 Washington Suburbs
The Baron/ATV/ITC/1966 London, Paris & Washington, DC
Bridges To Cross/CBS/1986. World Week Magazine
Built To Last/NBC/1997 Washington, DC
C-16/ABC/1997-98 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Capitol/CBS/1982-87 Washington, DC
Capitol Critters/ABC/1992 White House
Capital News/ABC/1990 The Washington Capital Newspaper
Commander in Chief/ABC/2005-2006 The White House
Congressional Investigator/SYN/1959 US Congress 
Criminal Minds/CBS/2005-2006 FBI (Behavioral Science Unit)
The Court/ABC/2002 US Supreme Court
D.C./WB/2000 Washington, DC
D.C. Follies/SYN/1987-89 Local Tavern
The Delphi Bureau/ABC/1972-73 Secret Service
Dark Skies/NBC/1996-97 Secret Washington Agency
The District/CBS/2000-04 District of Columbus Police Department
Doorway to Danger/NBC/ABC/1951-53 Secret Service
Double Life of Henry Phyfe/ABC/1966 Secret Service
E-Ring/NBC/2005-2006 The Pentagon (outer E-Ring)
The Farmer's Daughter/ABC/1963-66 Washington Suburbs
Favorite Son/NBC/1988 US Senate
The F.B.I./ABC/1965-74 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
F.B.I.: The Untold Stories/ABC/1991-92 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
First Monday/CBS/2002 US Supreme Court
FM/NBC/1989-90 WGEO-FM Public Radio Station
Get Smart/NBC/CBS/1965-70. CONTROL (Secret Spy Service)
Get Smart/FOX/1995 CONTROL (Secret Spy Service)
Good And Evil/ABC/1991 Charlotte Sandler Cosmetics
The Goodtime Girls/ABC/1980 Washington, DC
Grandpa Goes to Washington/NBC/1978-79 US Senate
Hail To The Chief/ABC/1985 The White House
Hearts Afire/CBS/1992-95 Senator's Office
I'm a Big Girl Now/ABC/1980-81 Kramer Research
Karen/ABC/1975 Citizen's Lobby
Kennedy/NBC/1983 The White House
Lateline/NBC/1998-99 Washington, DC
Linc's/SHO/1998-2000 Linc's Bar, Washington, DC
A Man Called Hawk/ABC/1989 Washington, DC
Mancuso F.B.I./NBC/1989-90 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Mr. President/FOX/1987-88 The White House
Mr. Smith/NBC/1983 Washington Suburbs
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington/ABC/1962-63 US Senate
Mr. Terrific/CBS/1967 Bureau of Projects
Monty Nash/SYN/1971-72 Secret Service
Murphy Brown/CBS/1988-98 Washington, DC TV News Magazine (FYI)
The New Adventures of Beans Baxter/FOX/1987-88 Suburban Washington, DC
The New Temperatures Rising/ABC/1973-74 Capitol Hospital
O'Hara, United States Treasury/CBS/1971-72 US Treasury
Pentagon, U.S.A./CBS/1953. Pentagon
Powers that Be/NBC/1992-93 US Senate
Project: U.F.O./NBC/1978-79 Pentagon
Rich Man, Poor Man-Book II/ABC/1976-77 US Senate
The Roundtable/NBC/1992 Georgetown
Scarecrow & Mrs. King/CBS/1983-86 The Agency
Search/NBC/1972-73 World Security Corporation
The Senator/NBC/1970-71 US Senate
The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer/UPN/1998 The White House During The Civil War
Secret Service/NBC/1992-93 Secret Service
Smart Guy/WB/1997-99 Piedmont High School, Washington, DC
Snoops/CBS/1989-90 Georgetown Area & State Department
Special Agent 7 (SA 7)/SYN/1958-59 US Department Of Treasury (IRS)
Starman/ABC/1986-87 Federal Security Agency
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye/PAX/2002-2005 Elite FBI Surveillance Team
Szysznyk/CBS/1977-78 Northeast Area of Washington, DC
Stop Susan Williams/NBC/1979 Capitol Area
Temperatures Rising/ABC/1972-74 Capitol General
That's My Mama/ABC/1974-75 Black Neighborhood
Time Trax/SYN/1993-95 Fugitive Retrieval Section
Today's F.B.I./ABC/1981-82 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Top of the Hill/CBS/1989 US Congress
Treasury Men In Action/ABC/NBC/1950-55 US Treasury
24/FOX/2001+ Central Intelligence Agency
227/NBC/1985-90 Black Neighborhood Near Capitol
UC: Undercover/NBC/2001-02 Justice Department's Elite Special Operation Group
UNSUB/NBC/1989 Justice Department
Washingtoon/SHO/1984-85 Congress, House Of Representatives
Without a Trace/CBS/2002+ Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Missing Persons Squad
The Witness/CBS/1960-61 US Congress
Women Of The House/CBS/1995 House of Representatives
Wonder Woman/ABC/CBS/1976-79 Pentagon/IADC
The X-Files/FOX/1993-2002 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

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