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Great Britain - Beyond London

A - K  /  L - Z

Program Location
A.J. Wentworth, BA/ITV/1982. Burgrove Boy's School in Rural England
The Adventures of Black Beauty/LWT/1972-73 Hertfordshire
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot/ITC/NBC/1956-57 King Arthur's Court
The Adventures of Robin Hood/ABP/1955-59 Sherwood Forest
Albion Market/GRA/1984-86 Manchester  
All Creatures Great And Small/BBC/1978-90 Yorkshire Dales
Are You Being Served, Again?/BBC/1992-93 Millstone Manor, Great Tender
The Army Game/ITV/1957-61 Hut 29, Nether Wallop, Warwickshire
Arthur Of The Britons/HTV/1972-73 Arthurian England
Ashenden/BBC/1991 WWI England & Europe
Aus Wiedersehen, Pet/ITV/1983-84 & 86 Tyneside, UK, Dusseldorf, Germany & Spain
The Awful Mr. Goodall/LWT/1974 Eastbourne
The Beiderbecke Affair/YTV/1985 In and around Leeds and Wakefield (Yorkshire)
The Beiderbecke Tapes/YTV/1987 In and around Leeds and Wakefield (Yorkshire)
The Beiderbecke Connection/YTV/1988 In and around Leeds and Wakefield  (Yorkshire)
Bergerac/BBC/1981-91 Channel Isle of Jersey
Billy Liar/LWT/1973-74 Northern Country
Blanding's Castle/BBC/1967 Rural England
Bless Me Father/LWT/1978-81 Fairwater, Suburban London
Blott On the Landscape/BBC/1985 Handyman Hall, South Worfordshire
Boon/CEN/1986-92 Birmingham
The Borderers/BBC/1968-70 Anglo-Scottish Borders A.D.1500s
Boys From The Black Stuff/BBC/1982 Merseyside
Bread/BBC/1986-91 Liverpool
Brideshead Revisited/GRA/1981 Brideshead Castle, Marchmain Estate, England
Brookside/C4/1982-2003 Suburban Liverpool
The Buccaneers/BBC/1995 1870s England
By The Sword Divided/BBC/1983-85 Arnescote Castle During English Civil War
Cadfael/CEN/1994-96 Benedictine Abbey, Shrewsbury
Casualty/BBC/1986+ Holby General Hospital, Holby (Bristol)
Catherine Cookson's The Mallens/GRA/1979-80 Northumberland
Catweazle/LWT/1970-71 Rural Farm Watertower
The Charmer/LWT/1987 Depression Era Roadhouses & Seaside Resorts
The Chief/ANG/1990-95 Eastland
The Citadel/BBC/1983 Welsh Mining Town  of Tredegar in Gwent  
& London
Closing Ranks/CEN/1988 Rural England
Cluff/BBC/1964-65 Yorkshire North Country
Conceptions Of Murder/LWT/1970 England
Coronation Street/GRA/1960+ Manchester, Northern England
The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady/CEN/1984 Warwickshire
Country Matters/GRA/1972-73 Rural England
Covington Cross/ABC/1992 Medieval England (c1350)
Dad's Army/BBC/1968-71 Walmington-On-Sea, South Coast Of England
Dangerfield/BBC/1995 Mid-Warwickshire
Dark Knight/CH5/2000 Great Britain 1193 AD
The Darling Buds Of May/1991-93 Rural Kent
Days Of Hope/BBC/1975 Yorkshire Farming Community
Desmond's/C4/1989-94 Peckham
Dick Turpin/LWT/1979-80 & 1982 Rural England
Doctor On The Go/LWT/1975-77 London & Abroad
The Dustbinmen/GRA/1969-70 Northern England
The Eagle Of The Ninth/BBC/1977 Ancient Britain (Eburacum & Caladonia)
Edge of Darkness/BBC/1985. Yorkshire
Emmerdale Farm (Emmerdale)/YTV/1972+ Village Of Beckingdale, Yorkshire Dales
Empire Road/BBC/1978-79 Suburban Birmingham
The English Garden/THA/1980 Various English Gardens
Ever Decreasing Circles/BBC/1984-89 Rural England
The Expert/BBC/1970-75 Warwickshire
A Family At War/GRA/1970-72 Liverpool
Father, Dear Father/THA/1968-73 & 1979 Hampstead
Fawlty Towers/BBC/1975 & 79 Torquay by the Sea
Fire Crackers/ATV/1964-65 English Village Of Cropper's End
Flambards/YTV/1979 The Flambards Country Estate
Flickers/ITC/1980 Traveling Bioscope Theatre
Foxy Lady/GRA/1982 & 1984 Northern England
Gangsters/BBC/1976 & 1978 Birmingham
Gay Cavalier/A-R/1957 England During The English Civil War
The Good Life (Good Neighbors)/BBC/1975-78. Surbiton
Goodbye Mr. Chips/BBC/1984 Ivy Covered Halls of Brookfield School
Grace & Favour/BBC/1992-93 Millstone Manor, Great Tender
Grange Hill/BBC/1978+ London (Setting later moved to Northern England)
The Growing Pains of PC Penrose/BBC/1975 Yorkshire
Hard Times/GRA/1977 Coketown
Harry/BBC/1993&1995 Darlington
Heartbeat/ITV/1990 Yorkshire Town of Aidensfield
Help!/BBC/1986 & 1988 Liverpool
Hetty Wainthropp Investigates/BBC/1996-98 Lancashire
Hi-De-Hi!/BBC/1981-88 Maplin's Holiday Camp (Crimpton-On-Sea), England
Holby City/BBC/1999+ Holby General Hospital, Holby (Bristol)
Home Farm Twins/BBC/1999-2000 Village of Doveton
How Green Was My Valley/BBC/1960 & 1976 Welsh Mining Town
Howard's Way/BBC/1985-90 Hampshire Along The River Hamble
Hunter's Walk/ATV/1973-76 Midland's Town Of Broadstone
Inspector Morse/CEN/1987-2000 Oxford
Ivanhoe/SYN/1958 England, 1190
Ivanhoe/BBC/1970 England,1190
Jane Eyre/BBC/1980 Mansion in Keighley, Ripley Castle and Blubberhouses Moor
Jimmy's/YTV/1987+ St. James' Hospital In Leeds, W. Yorkshire
Jonathan Creek/THA/1997+ Windmill in Shipley, West Sussex
Judge Dee/GRA/1969 England
Justice/YTV/1971-74 North Of England & London
Kidnapped/HTV/1979 The Culloden Highlands
A Kind Of Loving/GRA/1982 West Riding
Knights of God/ITV/1987 Wales, Northumbria in South of England c202

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