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Program Location
A.D./NBC/1985 Rome,  A.D. c37-41
The Borgias/BBC/1981 Rome c1492-1503
Casanova/BBC/1971 Venice
Four Just Men/SYN/1959-60 London, Paris, New York & Rome
The Gallant Men/ABC/1962-63 Near Salerno
I, Claudius/BBC/1976 Rome,  AD c41-54
The Last Days of Pompeii/ABC/1984 Pompeii, AD c79
The Life Of Leonardo Da Vinci/CBS/1972 Florence & Rome c1452-1519
Little World Of Don Camillo/BBC/1980 Post WWII Village
Marco Polo/NBC/1982 13th Century Italian Explorer
McHale's Navy/CBS/1962-66 .Voltafiore
The Protectors/ITC/1972-74 Rome, Paris & London
Rome/HBO/2005 Rome, 52 BC
The Sword of Freedom/ATV/1957 Florence, AD 1400
To Rome With Love/CBS/1969-71 Rome
Sailor of Fortune/SYN/1957 Mediterranean
The Quest/ABC/1982 Mediterranean
Up Pompeii!/BBC/1970 Ancient Pompeii

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