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General Locales, USA   (Places not specifically pin-pointed on the map)

A - K  /  L - Z

Program Location
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius/NIK/2002-2006 Retroville
The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet/ABC/1952-66 Hillsdale
The Adventures of Pete & Pete/NIK/1993-96 Wellsville
The Adventures of Superboy/SYN/1988-91 Capital City
The Adventures of Superman/SYN/1953-57 Metropolis
The Adventures of Tug Boat Annie/SYN/1957-58 Pacific Northwest
Airwolf/CBS/1984-86/SYN/1987 Southwest
The Aldrich Family/NBC/1949-53 Centerville
Amanda's/ABC/1983 Pacific Coast
Another World/NBC/1964-75 Bay City
As the Stomach Turns (From The Carol Burnett Show/CBS/1967-79 Canoga Falls
As the World Turns/CBS/1956+ Oakdale in Midwest
Baretta/ABC/1975-78 Unnamed East Coast Metropolis
Batman/ABC/1966-68 Gotham City
Ben Jerrod/ABC/1963 Indian Hill
The Bennetts/NBC/1953-54 Midwest
Benson/ABC/1979-86 Capitol City
Big Town/CBS/DUM/NBC/1950-56 Big Town
The Bing Crosby Show/ABC/1964-65 Anytown, USA
Birds of Prey/WB/2002-03 New Gotham City
Bright Promise/NBC/1969-72 Bancroft
The Brighter Day/CBS/1954-62 New Hope
By-Line: Steve Wilson/NBC/1955-58 Big Town, USA
Cade's County/CBS/1971-72 Southwest USA
Camp Candy/NBC/1989-91 Summer Camp at Lake Cacciatore
Campus Ladies/OXY/2006 University of the Midwest
Captain Nice/NBC/1967 Bigtown
Captain Video And His Video Rangers/DUM/1949-57 Planet City
Class of '96/FOX/1993 Havenhurst College in the Northeast
The Cisco Kid/SYN/1950-56 Southwest, USA
Crossroads/ABC/1992-93 Motorcycle Trip Across USA
Daria/MTV/1997-2001 Lawndale
Darkwing Duck/SYN/1991-92 St. Canard
A Date with Life/NBC/1955-56 Bay City
Days of Our Lives/NBC/1965+ Salem
Dennis the Menace/CBS/1959-63 Hillsdale
Dinosaurs/ABC/1991-94 Prehistoric Super-continent
of Pangaea
Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal/SYN/1955-57 Center Hospital
The Doctors/NBC/1982 Hope Memorial Hospital
The Donna Reed Show/ABC/1958-66 Hilldale
Earth 2/NBC/1994-95 Planet of New Pacifica
The Ed Wynn Show/NBC/1958-59 Midwest, USA
The Edge of Night/CBS/ABC/1956-85 Monticello
Ethel & Albert/NBC/CBS/ABC/1953-56 Sandy Harbor
The Fairly Odd Parents/NIK/2001+ Dimmsdale
Fairmeadows/NBC/1952 Fairmeadows
Father Knows Best/CBS/NBC/ABC/1954-63 Springfield
Fibber McGee And Molly/NBC/1959-60 Wistful Vista
Fish/CBS/1992 Fish City
The Flash/CBS/1990-91 Central City
Fortune Dane/ABC/1986 Bay City
Freddie's Nightmares/SYN/1988-90 Springwood (Home of Freddy Krueger)
From These Roots/NBC/1958-61 Strathfield
Fury/NBC/1955-60. Capitol City
The Goldbergs/SYN/1955-56 Haverville
The Governor & J.J./CBS/1969-72 Midwest
The Great Gildersleeve/NBC/1955-56 Summerfield
Green Acres/CBS/1965-71 Hooterville, in Midwest
Guiding Light/CBS/1952+ Springfield
The Halls of Ivy/CBS/1954-55. Ivy College
Hanging In/CBS/1979 Braddock University
Hank/NBC/1965-66 Western State University
Harbor Command/SYN/1957-58 Large City Harbor
Hawkins Falls/NBC/1950-55 Hawkins Falls
Hee Haw/CBS/SYN/1969-93 Kornfield Kounty
Hidden Faces/NBC/1968-69 Midwest
Highway Patrol/SYN/1955-59 Southwest
Hill Street Blues/NBC/1981-87 North Eastern City
His Honor, Homer Bell/SYN/1955 Spring City
Hizzonner/NBC/1979 Midwest
Hometown/CBS/1985 Whitley, USA
House in the Garden/NBC/1952. Fairmeadows
I Led Three Lives/SYN/1953-56 USA
I'll Fly Away/NBC/1991-93. Southern Town of Bryland
Jeff's Collie/CBS/1954-57 Calverton
Johnny Bravo/CAR/1997-2004 Aron City
Johnny Jupiter/DUM/ABC/SYN/1953-54 Clayville
Kim Possible/DIS/2002+ Middleton

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