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Massachusetts, State of
Program Location
The Adams Chronicles/PBS/1976 Boston
Adventures At Scott Island/ABC/1958 Cape Ann
Against the Law/FOX/1990-91 Boston
All Souls/UPN/2001 All Soul's Hospital, Boston
Ally McBeal/FOX/1997-2002 Boston
Banacek/NBC/1972-74 Boston
Beacon Hill/CBS/1975 Boston
Blue Skies/ABC/1994 Cambridge
Boston Common/NBC/1996-97 Randolph Harrington College, Boston
Boston Public/FOX/2000-04 Winslow High School, Boston
Cheers/NBC/1982-93 Boston
Costello/FOX/1998 South Boston
Crossing Jordon/NBC/2001-2007 Boston's Coroner's Office
Dawson's Creek/WB/1998-2003 Town of .Capeside on Cape Cod
Education of Max Bickford/CBS/2001-02 Chadwick College (80 Miles from Salem)
For Richer Or Poorer/NBC/1977-78 Port Claire
Friends and Lovers/CBS/1974-75 Boston
George & Leo/CBS/1997-98 Martha's Vineyard
The Great Defender/FOX/1995 Boston
Harbourmaster/CBS/1957 Cape Ann
The Hardy Boys & The Mystery Of The Applegate Treasure/ABC/1957 Bayport
Here Come the Brides/ABC/1968-70 100 New Bedford Women Travel to Seattle
Highcliffe Manor/NBC/1979 Island off Coast of Massachusetts
Hothouse/ABC/1988 Near Boston
It Had To Be You/CBS/1993 Boston
James at 15/NBC/1977-78 Boston
The Law and Harry McGraw/CBS/1987-88 Boston
Lenny/CBS/1990-91 Boston
Little Men/PAX/1998-99 Plumfield Boy's School in Rural Locale
Little Women/SYN/1971 Concord
Little Women/NBC/1979 Concord
The Mystery Files Of Shelby Woo/NIK/1996-99 Wilton (Moved from Cocoa Beach, FL)
October Road/ABC/2007 Knights Ridge
The Paper Chase/CBS/1978-79 Boston
The Paper Chase: The Second Year/SHO/1983-84 Boston
The Paper Chase: The Third Year/SHO/1985 Boston
The Paper Chase: The Graduation Year/SHO/1986 Boston
Paul Sand In Friends And Lovers/CBS/1974-75 Boston
The Practice/ABC/1997-2004 Boston
The Real World/MTV/1997 Boston
The Righteous Apples/PBS/1980 Boston
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch/ABC/WB/1996-2003 Boston & Adams College
St. Elsewhere/NBC/1982-88 Boston
Something Wilder/NBC/1994-95 Stockbridge
Spenser: For Hire/ABC/1985-88 Boston
Struck by Lightning/CBS/1979 Boston Suburbs
Suite Life of Zack and Cody/DIS/2005-2008 Boston, Hotel Tipton
That's Life/CBS/2000-02 Bellfield
To Have & To Hold/CBS/1998 Boston
Townies/NBC/1996 Gloucester
21 Beacon Street/NBC/ABC/1959-60 Boston
Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place
(Two Guys & A Girl)/ABC/1998-2001
Wings/NBC/1990-97 Nantucket Island
The Young Lawyers/ABC/1970-71 Boston

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