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Washington, State of
Program Location
Almost Home/NBC/1993 Seattle
Ball Four/CBS/1976 Local Baseball Team
The Boys/CBS/1993 Small Town Near Seattle
Dark Angel/FOX/2000-02 Seattle 2019 A.D.
Davis Rules!/ABC/1991-92 Pomahac
Domestic Life/CBS/1984 Seattle
The 4400/USA/2004+ Seattle (4400 Center, 6265 Crescent Rd.)
Frasier/NBC/1993-2004 Seattle 
Glory Days/WB/2002 Town of Glory at Glory Lake near Seattle
Good And Evil/ABC/1991 Seattle
Grey's Anatomy/ABC/2005+ Seattle (Seattle Grace Hospital)
Harry & the Hendersons/SYN/1991-92 Seattle
Haunted/UPN/2002 Seattle
Here Come the Brides/ABC/1968-70 Seattle (Bridal Veil Mountain)
Hope Island/PAX/1999-2000 Hope Island (pop. 1,997) just outside Seattle
John Doe/FOX/2002-2003 Seattle (Man found naked)
Just Deal/NBC/2000-2002 State of Washington
Kyle XY/ABF/2006+ Seattle (Teen found naked)
Medicine Ball/FOX/1995 Seattle
Millennium/FOX/1996-99 Seattle
One Big Family/SYN/1986-87 Seattle
The Real World: Seattle/MTV/1998 Seattle (Pier 70 Elliot Bay)
Romeo/NIK/2003-2006 Seattle
Traps/CBS/1994 Seattle
Twin Peaks/ABC/1990-91 Twin Peaks (pop. 51,201)
Under One Roof/CBS/1995 Seattle
University Hospital/SYN/1994-96 Seaside, Seattle
Wolf Lake/CBS/2001-02 Wolf Lake near Seattle
The Yeagers/ABC/1980 Mackenzie County
A Year in a Life/NBC/1987-88 Seattle


The bluest sky you've ever seen, in Seattle.
And the hills the greenest green, in Seattle.
Like a beautiful child
Growing up, free and wild.
Full of hopes and full of fears,
Full of laughter, full of tears,
Full of dreams to last a year
In Seattle.

     -- Here Come the Brides (Theme Song Lyrics)


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