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"Hi, Bob!" - Frequently spoken greeting heard on the situation comedy  THE BOB NEWHART SHOW/1972-1978.

The Bob Newhart Show

On each episode of the show as Chicago psychiatrist Robert "Bob" Hartley (Bob Newhart) entered a scene, someone casually greeted his character with "Hi Bob!"

This short and simple greeting later inspired a beer drinking game. The rules to the game are simple. When anybody on the show says "Hi, Bob!", everybody calls out "HI BOB!" and takes a drink of their beer. The show's scripts have the characters on the program say "Hi, Bob!" so often, that anyone playing the game is sure to get a huge beer buzz. So TV Land and Nick and Night viewers be forewarned.

If your still standing, and you need another Bob Newhart inspired catchphrase, check out the sitcom NEWHART/CBS/1982-1990 and listen for "Hi, Dick!" as in Dick Loudon, the writer of how-to-books who lives at the Stratford Inn in Vermont.

Hi, Bob!
Cast of The Bob Newhart Show

TRIVIA NOTE: On May 17, 1997 Bob Newhart gave a speech at the 108th commencement of the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. He opened his speech saying "Thank you very much" for the applause he had just received. Suddenly, the audience in unison shouted "Hi Bob!" to which Bob Newhart replied "'Hi, Bob,' I know. I'm going to go down in history for that. With all I've accomplished and I'm going to go down in history for 'Hi, Bob.' "

For those fascinated with Bob Newhart's Bob Hartley character you can purchase a boxed set video collection of episodes from the show entitled "Bob Newhart Show - The Very Best of : Hi Bob!" (1972-78) or the book "Hi Bob!: A Self-Help Guide to the Bob Newhart Show" by Joey Green, (St. Martin's Press, 1996).

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