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Greeting Catchphrases

"Say kids, what time is it?" - "Question asked by Buffalo Bob Smith to the members of the Peanut Gallery at the beginning of each episode of the popular children's puppet show HOWDY DOODY/NBC/1947-60.

Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob - TV GUIDE magazine
Howdy Doody & Buffalo Bob

A sample opening: "Say, kids, what time is it? [crowd screams] It's Howdy Doody Time! [music] Oh, well howdy doody, kids and howdy, Buffalo Bob!...Well, howdy, Mr. Doody."

The program ended with "Its time to say Goodbye, Goodbye until some other day when we may be with you again." Sung for the last time on September 24, 1960. See also CLOWNS: "Clarabell the Clown" 

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