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Greeting Catchphrases

"Hiya kids..." - On the children's show SMILIN' ED'S GANG/NBC/CBS/ABC/1951-55 host Ed McConnell began the program with "Hiya, kids" followed by the audience singing the sponsor's song (Buster Brown Shoes) "I got shoes, you got shoes, everybody's got to have shoes, but there's only one kind of shoe for me-good old Buster Brown shoes!" Ed then said, "Thank you buddies and sweethearts. Good old Buster Brown shoes are on the air out here in Hollywood for another good old Saturday hullabaloo."

Smilin' Ed's Gang Record

When Ed McConnell died, he was replaced by veteran western actor Andy Devine. He began his show ANDY'S GANG/NBC/1955-58 saying, "Hiya, kids, it's ANDY'S GANG. [Audience sings] "I got a gang, you got a gang, everybody's got a gang; but there's only one gang for me-good old ANDY'S GANG."

At the program's close, Andy Devine said, "Yes, sir, we're pals and pals stick together. And now, don't forget church or Sunday school. And remember, ANDY'S GANG will get together right here at this same time next week. So long, fellows and gals."

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