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"Hell-o-o-o-o" - The moronic greeting of brewery truck driver Andrew "Squiggy" Squiggman (David L. Lander) when he entered the apartment of Laverne DeFazio (Penny Marshall) and Shirley Feeney (Cindy Williams) on the situation comedy LAVERNE & SHIRLEY/ABC/1976-83.

Lenny & Squiggy with Laverne & Shirley

Each time Squiggy made an entrance-along with his silly sidekick, Lenny Kosnowski (Michael McMean) he usually interrupted a conversation whose theme referred to some distasteful topic.

The following episode excerpts highlight some of the funnier moments as Squiggy and Lenny enter the scene: See also - "You Rang?"

Shirley: There is no reason on earth why Prince Charming cannot walk through our front door.
Squiggy: Hell-o-o-o-o.

 -- No.1 "The Society Party"

Laverne: "Shirl, believe me, I am not sick and there is nothing in this place that will make me sick."
Squiggy: Hell-o-o-o-o  girls

 -- No. 3 "Bowling for Raspberries"

Shirley: Let's not let anything else spoil this evening.
Squiggy: Hell-o-o-o-o.

-- No. 9 "It's the Water"

Shirley: I must come up with a short disease. Something horrible, something awful, something absolutely wretched.
Squiggy: Hell-o-o-o-o.

-- No. 28 "Playing Hookey"


What sort of cheap, pathetic freeloader would stow away on a ship?




-- No. 40 "The Cruise (Pt 1/2)

Lenny and Squiggy - LAVERNE & SHIRLEY

Shirley: If you marry a man with a square head, no neck and hair on his thumbs, do you know what your kids will turn out to look like?
Squiggy: Hell-o-o-o-o.

-- No. 47 "Laverne's Arranged Marriage"


Laverne: I'll just tell her it was an accident, a mistake. Even God makes mistakes.
Squiggy: Hell-o-o-o-o.

-- No. 70 "The Bully Show"

Laverne: Okay, I'll help as long as I don't have to touch anything slimey and disgusting.
Squiggy: Hell-o-o-o-o.

-- No. 84 "The Tenants Are Revolting"

Shirley: Oh dear, I hope this doesn't leave an ugly stain.
Squiggy: Hell-o-o-o-o.

-- No. 130 "High Priced Dates"

Laverne: Shirley wants at least two vegetables at the wedding.
Squiggy: Hell-o-o-o-o. 

-- No. 157 "The Mummy's Bride"

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