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Speech Impaired

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**(Bill McKinney) Verlon Borgers, a ruthless outlaw struck deaf, dumb and blind when the ghost of a dead sheriff (whom Borgers killed) materialized during a gunfight against Ned Blessing. Borgers had placed the head of the sheriff on display in a pickle jar. A mute character named Seli Pedit, a black man born without being able to speak, was also featured on the series.

THE PRISONER/CBS/1968-69 (Mute Little Person)
**(Angelo Muscat) Dwarf manservant who worked at the strange coastal resort which imprisoned a former espionage agent known only as Number Six. This "silent butler" (he never spoke on the series) catered to Number Six's every need during the life of this bizarre spy fantasy series. In the last episode, both the butler and Number Six escaped the Village.

**(Don Knotts) Wilbur Peabody, man who became mute from shock by almost killing his foster father during the 1954 run of SEARCH FOR TOMORROW. Eventually, he reenacted the scene, regained his voice and was written out of the script. Don Knotts is probably best remembered as the bumbling, hypertensive deputy living in Mayberry, North Carolina on the rural comedy THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW/CBS/1960-68.

**(Rob Lowe) Nick Andros, a deaf-mute character from Stephen King's THE STAND, on ABC's eight-hour version of the blockbuster novel. In real life, Rob Lowe is completely deaf in my right ear -- from an ear infection when he was five months old. Lowe commented on his condition saying "The thing that really concerns me more than anything is that people think I'm rude because I don't respond. If I'm at a sporting event, and somebody's on the right side of me, and they go, "Well, how about that basket --" And I just...nothing. I know there are people who think I'm the most arrogant son-of-a-bitch, but they don't know that I just didn't hear what they said." Lowe also starred on the NBC political drama THE WEST WING.

YOUNG RIDERS/ABC/1989-92 (Mute)
**(Travis Fine) Ike McSwain, mute Pony Express rider who worked at a prairie station near Sweetwater on the Central Overland Express line in the year 1860. As a child, Ike was struck Scarlet Fever. The disease left him without any hair and without the ability to speak. When Ike's family was massacred (he was not able to cry out for help), Ike was raised in an Catholic Mission. Ike learned Indian Sign Language from his friend Buck Cross, who learn it from the Kiowa Indians. In the series third season, Ike was killed while protecting the life of Emily Metcalfe, whom he loved. He jumped in front of a bullet meant for her that was fired by her father's killer.

ZORRO/ABC/1957-59 (Deaf & Mute)
*(Gene Sheldon/costar) Bernardo, the deaf mute manservant of Don Diego De La Vega alias the masked swordsman, Zorro. The mute Bernardo, the only other person who knew of Don Diego's dual identity, faked his deafness to aid his master in thwarting the evil politicians of early California. He communicated with hand signs. Bill Dana played Bernardo on the spoof of the original series ZORRO AND SON/CBS/1983. In 1990, Zorro returned to television on the western series ZORRO/FAM/1990-93 starring Duncan Regehr. This time around Zorro's mute aide was named Felipe (Juan Diego Botto).

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