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Peter Potamus - Friendly purple hippopotamus adventurer (voice of Hal Smith) who traveled through time to important historical events on the syndicated Hanna-Barbera cartoon PETER POTAMUS AND HIS MAGIC FLYING BALLOON/SYN/1964-65. So So the monkey (voice of Don Messick) was Peter's sidekick as they cruised back into time in a striped hot-air balloon.

So So and Peter Potamus in a Magic Balloon

Dangling at the bottom of their balloon was a boat-shaped structure where Peter and So So lived. Peter wore a yellow pith helmet and white safari jacket with brown belt and navigated his way through time using a time compass. So So wore a cap and shirt.

When Peter got into trouble, he used his secret weapon: The Hippo Hurricane Holler (a self-generated blast of wind that literally blew away his foes). To gain air speed, Peter rocked the balloon from side to side.

The program also featured segments called "Breezly and Sneezly" about a polar bear and a seal; and "Yippee, Yappee and Yahooey" about three canine musketeer palace guards.

The Peter Potamus character was repackaged for THE MAGILLA GORILLA/PETER POTAMUS SHOW/SYN/1967 and THE PETER POTAMUS SHOW/ABC/1966-67 that aired on Sunday mornings.

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