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The Bowman Body - Pudgy late night personality who hosted a succession of horror shows in the state of Virginia on WXEX Channel 8 in Richmond (Shock Theatre 1970-76); on WVIR-TV Channel 29 in Charlottesville (Cobweb Theater 1977-78); and on WNVC-TV Channel 56 in Fairfax (Monsterpiece Theater 1983).

Bill Bowman as Bowman Body

Rising from a flimsy prop coffin, The Bowman Body (Bill Bowman) greeted his audience sporting a black costume and cape, white sneakers, and dark sunken eyes (accentuated by pallid tones of face make-up). Just imagine Bowman as an early version of Danny DeVito as he appeared in the role of the Penguin in the film Batman Returns (1992).

Popular with all age groups from kids to college students to adults, the ol' Body served up a fanfare of horror and sci-fi classics including House on Haunted Hill (1958), It Came From Outer Space (1953), King Kong Vs. Godzilla (1963), as well as Universal Studio standards like Frankenstein (1931), Dracula (1931) and The Wolf Man (1941).

In 2006, The Bowman Body attended MonsterFest 2006 in Virginia where he played his ukelele for an audience of attentive fans. Other in attendance included Dr. Madblood, Karlos Borloff, Sally the Zombie Cheerleader, Dr. Sarcofiguy, Garou!, and Count Gore De Vol (check out

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