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Marty Hopkirk - Deceased detective on the British syndicated detective comedy MY PARTNER THE GHOST (RANDALL & HOPKIRK DECEASED)/ITV/1969-71.

Kenneth Cope as Marty Hopkirk - RANDALL & HOPKIRK DECEASED

The series told the story of private eye, Marty Hopkirk (Kenneth Cope) who died in a hit and run accident while on a case and then returned to his living partner, Jeff Randall (Mike Pratt) who was the only one who could see him.

Being a new ghost Marty broke all the basic rules of ghostdom. Consequently he was cursed to remain on Earth for one hundred years. His curse read:

"Before the sun shall rise on you, each ghost unto his grave must go. Cursed the ghost who dares to stay and face the awful light of day. He shall not to the grave return until a hundred years be gone."

Jeff, Marty & his wife, Jeannie - 'No-one else can see or hear me, only you, Jeff, only you'
Jeff Randall, Marty & his wife, Jeannie

From time to time Marty came to the rescue of his wife, Jeannie who was held as hostage and fell prey to an escaped convict who sought revenge on Marty. Meanwhile, Marty is on hand to help Jeff expose a phony medium or be a bodyguard for beauty contestants. When he needed to, Marty was able to move objects via supernatural means.

In 2000, a remake of the original series starred Vic Reeves as Marty Hopkirk; Bob Mortimer as Jeff Randall; Tom Baker as Prof. Wyvern and Emilia Fox as Jeannie. Their offices were located in the Cope House. (named after Kenneth Cope who played Marty in the first series).

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