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Polterguests - The ghostly residents of an old hotel on the children's fantasy POLTERGUESTS/ITV/1999.


The story begins when Annie Mendelssohn, a former ballet dancer decides to renovate a broken down hotel. Calling her new venture the Swan Lake Hotel, she takes possession of her new property and moves in with her ten-year-old daughter, Ella. Soon, Ella discovers that the hotel is filled with ghosts.

The resident ghosties included:

  • Sir Squiffington-Fopp (a.k.a. "Squiffy"), a Georgian dandy.
  • Tristan Shout, a medieval minstrel who loves Elvis Presley.
  • Eddie "Kneecaps" McNugget, a Chicago mobster.

Now, normally, upon discovering that your home was filled with ghosts, you might want to call for an exorcism to remove these "Polterguests" but Annie is understaffed and so she hires the ghosts as employees. They get free room and board and something to do, and Annie gets their promise that they will curtail their desire to scare the hotel guests.

Of course, you get what you pay for, and Annie soon realizes that her deal with the ghosts might not have been the smartest deal she's ever made.

The short-lived minute series (similar to another show called "Rentaghost") lasted only eight episodes


Jessica Turner as Annie Mendelssohn
Laura Harling as Ella Grace Mendelssohn
Ashley Artus as Tristan Shout
Richard Braine as Sir Squiffington-Fopp "Squiffy"
Emil Wolk as Eddie "Kneecaps" McNugget
Luke Allder as Tin man

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