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Sir Graves Ghastly - Pasty-faced horror show host with a British accent, goatee and mustache who presided over Sir Graves Ghastly Presents on WJBK Channel 2 in Detroit from 1966-1983.

Lawson Deming as Sir Graves Ghastly

Every Saturday from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM Sir Graves Ghastly (played by Lawson J. Deming) rose from a coffin dressed in a black tuxedo and cape and entertained his many macabre viewers with such classic horror flicks as Dracula (1931), The Wolf Man (1941), and the 1960s cult Japanese classic The Attack of the Mushroom People.

Originally born in the days of William Shakespeare, Sir Ghastly Graves was lynched when he displeased her royal Highness Queen Elizabeth. Since then he's just been "hanging around" or lying inside of his coffin.

At the close of each show, Sir Graves Ghastley climbed back in his coffin, offered the goodbye wish of "Happy Haunting", gave an evil laugh and then laid down for a good nights rest.

Assisting Sir Ghastly were his girlfriend Tilly "Tippecanoe and Tilly Too" Trollhouse; Baruba the ghost; Digger Deeper the gravedigger (played by Walter Selbman); Glob the mouth; The Cool Ghoul (a decapitated head of a motorcyclist); Ivan Awfulwitch the weightlifter; a talking skull; the Voice of Doom; and Walter, Sir Graves' nasty alter ego.

A Friday night version of Sir Graves Ghastly Presents also aired on WTOP Channel 9 in the Washington, DC market during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Deming also portrayed another horror host character named Count Alu Card ("Dracula" spelled backwards) in the 1970s on WUAB-TV, Channel 43 in Cleveland, Ohio. Lawson Deming died at age 94 on April 24, 2007

Lawson Deming, the former host of SIR GRAVES GHASTLY PRESENTS
Lawson Deming in his later years.

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