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Dr. Madblood - Crazed physician (mit a German accent ) who hosted Dr. Madblood's Movie on WAVY-TV on Channel 10, WHRO-TV Channel 15 and on WTVZ-TV Channel 33 in the Portsmouth, Virginia area from 1975 through the 1990s.

Jerry Harrell as Dr. Madblood

Dr. Madblood (played by Jerry Harrell) resided in Madblood Manor located at 13 Idle Hour Road in the town of Pungo between the Great Dismal Swamp and Virginia Beach.

Over the years a number of strange and wacky creatures visited the Doctor including:

  • Audio Shadow
  • Brain the talking brain
  • Count Lacudra the vampire
  • Dr. Roach the entomologist
  • Dusty the crop duster, the evil Grinfield
  • Kid Exorcist the boxer
  • Nurse Patience Dream
  • Queen Mum the mummy
  • Widow Bacon.

Also roaming the halls of Madblood Manor were the unlucky victims of the Doctor's failed experiments that he kept locked in the basement, for example, monsters Ernie & Waldo.

And then there was Volley (played by Mark Young), a mute, dwarfish sidekick of the Doctor who dressed in a hooded monk's robe and assisted Madblood with his diabolical experiments. In addition, Mike Arlo, Craig Adams and Donna Stam were among the regulars who appeared on the program in various roles.

Madblood Manor

When the program switched from WAVY-TV to the PBS station WHRO-TV in 1982, the show was retitled Dr. Madblood's Night Visions. The new show ran on Sunday nights at 11:00 PM for one year and was also seen on cable in New England areas (Massachusetts & Connecticut).

During his down time the Doctor appeared on the Halloween specials Dr. Madblood's Halloween Howl in 1984 and Dr. Madblood's Halloween Film Festival in 1986. Then in the spring of 1989, Madblood miraculously made a return to TV on the Fox network station WTVZ-TV Channel 33 at 11:00 P.M. to continue his zany antics and late night tomfoolery.

At the close of each show, Doctor Madblood - sporting a mound of curly grey-hair, grey beard and reading glasses - looked into the camera and said "Thanks for turning us on."

As of 2003, Dr. Madblood again returned to the air this time on Saturday nights on WSKY-TV in North Carolina.

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