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Joe Bob Briggs - Broadcasting from the comfort of a dingy trailer park, good old country boy Joe Bob Briggs (played by John Bloom) hosted Monstervision on the TNT cable network from 1993-2000.

John Bloom as Joe Bob Briggs - MONSTERVISION

On the surface, Joe Bob was perceived as beer-drinking trailer trash, but he intelligently discussed the actors, movie directors, plotlines and background of the movies he presented.

For example, during the airing of Back to the Future (1985) Joe Bob dressed in a white lab coat and discussed the phenomenon of time travel. However, when he asked Reno the Mail Lady, (and later Rusty the Mail Lady played by Renner St. John) to stick around so he could explain wormholes to her, the craziness of his character came through.

Joe Bob's common touch and Reno's voluptuous bust made them very popular with men in prison ("We love a captive audience") who faithfully watched the program and sent in letters to express their opinions.

John Bloom as Joe Bob Briggs - MONSTERVISION

At the beginning of each program, Joe Bob ranked the amount of hostility and violent action in each of the films - his Drive-In Totals. (for example 1 decapitation, 3 fist fights; 5 explosions; and 7 zombie attacks).

Joe Bob's program was also known as Monstervision and Joe Bob's Last Call (1995 third season title) and Joe Bob's Hollywood Saturday Night and Monstervision (1999 sixth season title).

Joe Bob Briggs Drive-In Oath

We are Drive-In mutants
We are not like other people
We are sick
We are disgusting
We believe in blood
And breasts
And in beasts
If life had a vomit meter
We'd be off the scale
As long as one Drive-In remains
On the planet earth
We will party like jungle animals
We will boogey till we puke
The Drive-In will never die

The Joe Bob Briggs character debuted in 1987 on Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater which ran until 1994. John Bloom made cameo appearances in the films The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 (1986), Casino (1995), and Face/Off (1997).

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