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Nuff the Mummy - Spoiled 3,250 year old mummy of an Egyptian Pharaoh prince (Elyes Gabel) on the live-action series I LOVE MUMMY/YTV/2002-03.

Elyes Gabel as Nuff the Mummy

Nuff returns to life after a 13-year-old boy named James Barnes (Reece Thompson) reads some hieroglyphics on a sarcophagus that he finds in the house recently inherited from his Egyptology-obsessed great aunt.

Before his miraculous resurrection, Nuff had been sentenced to ancient Egyptian purgatory by the gods for the last 3,232 years. Apparently, Nuff was refused entrance into the Golden Palace (Heaven) until he completed a number of tasks (3, 242 plus 10 for bad behavior) that were found written on a thick scroll in his sarcophagus. Not interested in returning to purgatory, Nuff decides to take up residence at the Barnes' new home.

To give Nuff a cover story, the Barnes move his sarcophagus upstairs to the attic and tell all the neighbors that Nuff is a foreign exchange student with a bad case of eczema.

Other cast included Mark Caven as Set and Earl Pasko as Hep.

The half hour live-action Canada/UK comedy co-production (26episodes) was produced by Breakthrough Films & Television Inc. and Winklemania Productions Ltd. in association with the British Broadcasting Corporation. and YTV/A Corus Entertainment Company.

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