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Tutenstein - The nickname of a 10-year-old Pharaoh named Tut-ankh-en-set-Amun (meaning "The Living Image of the Place of Amun") featured on the animated series TUTENSTEIN/NBC/DIS/2003+.

Cleo Carter, Tutenstein and Luxor the Cat - TUTENSTEIN
Cleo Carter, Tutenstein and Luxor the cat

Tutenstein was brought back to life after a lightning bolt hit his museum sarcophagus. Although dead for centuries, Tutenstein still acts like he is the ruler of the world (Egypt) and expects to be pampered in the manner to which he was once accustomed

Now headquartered in a dusty old International Museum of World History, Tutenstein hangs out with:

  • Luxor, his faithful (talking) cat servant and advisor who is sworn to protect Tutenstein.
  • Cleo Carter, a twelve-year-old black girl who tries to keep Tutenstein's rebirth a secret after she accidentally set in motion his resurrection (she nicknamed him "Tutenstein")
  • Walter the museum's nervous security guard
  • Professor Horace Bendety, the museum's pompous archeologist
  • Dr. Roxanne Vanderwheele, the professor's open-minded colleague and Cleo's mentor.

The only disadvantage of Tutenstein's rebirth was that it opened up a Gate between the Underworld and the Overworld and the evil of Set, the ancient Egyptian god of chaos and disorder, who has also awoken He covets Tutenstein's symbol of power, the Royal Scepter of Was. With it, Set plans to conquer the 21st century using a vast legion of demons.

Walter, Luxor, Roxanne, Tutenstein and Cleo - TUTENSTEIN
Walter, Luxor, Roxanne, Tutenstein and Cleo

The Emmy award winning children's series TUTENSTEIN was produced for Discovery Kids by PorchLight Entertainment.

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