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The Son of Ghoul - The host of the Northeast Ohio horror show The Son of Ghoul first broadcast in Canton, Ohio on WOAC Channel 67 in 1986. The Son of Ghoul (played by Kevin Scarpino) replaced WOAC Channel 67’s horror movie host, The Cool Ghoul.

Kevin Scarpino as THE SON OF GHOUL

The Son of Ghoul show features the worst in public domain "B" movies, segments where he reads letters from his faithful viewers, interludes where he interviews local bands and the occasional celebrity who happen through town. One of his gimmicks is to spice up the movies shown on his program by lacing them with goofy sound effects.

The Son of Ghoul sidekick included Fidge, a sweet, naive midget of a guy (Ron Huffman) whom Scarpino needled on the air and Jungle Bob, a local animal handler who replaced Fidge after his death on February 24th, 2003.

As of 2007, The Son of Ghoul show airs on the Cleveland Action Television Network (WAOH channel 29 in Akron, and WAX channel 35 in Akron/Cleveland) and on cable Channel 21 in Massillon, Ohio and in  California on Vallejo Cable Channel 27 (VCAT) on Fridays at 10:00 P.M. and Saturdays at 8:00 P.M.

Scarpino also does a live weekly game show on Wednesday nights from 8 to 10 called ‘Son of Ghoul’s House of Fun and Games’ where he asks trivia questions and gives away prizes.  When Kevin is not doing his Son of Ghoul gig, he plays with Flashback, a local band that performs sixties and seventies rock and roll. 

TRIVIA NOTE: The moniker "The Son of Ghoul" came to Scarpino in the early 1980s when he won a "The Ghoul" (Ron Sweed) lookalike contest in the early 1980s. Years later, Sweed took The Son of Ghoul to court claiming infringement of character, but he lost the case. In reality, both characters pay homage to Ghoulardi, a Cleveland TV horror show host popular in the early 1960s.

Sidekick "Fidge" was based on a word from one of the Hal Roach's Little Rascals comedies. According to Scarpino "There was this one episode where two of the kids shrink. And there’s this old grouchy guy from the kids’ home who takes them to this high class party where there are a couple of midgets. And of the kids goes, “Them fidgets can talk!” So when Ronnie showed up, I think I said, “C’mere, ya fidge!” And the name stuck."

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