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Drak Jr. of the Drak Pack - The animated Hanna-Barbara cartoon DRAK PACK/CBS/1980-82 featured the teenage descendents of famous monsters who joined forces as the Drak Pack to atone for the sins of their ancestors. The Drak Pack consisted Drak Jr. (Dracula's kid), Howler (Wolfman's progeny), and Frank (Frankenstein's son).

Drak Pack

The group usually received their assignment to battle evil from Drak's great-grandfather, Dracula himself. When ready for action, the teens morphed into the monsters of their forefathers by clasping their hands together and shouting "Wacko!"

The Drak Pack's nemesis is an evil establishment called O.G.R.E. (The Organization of Generally Rotten Endeavors). Its leader, Dr. Dred (headquartered in a flying "dredgible") enlists the aid of his followers which included such sinister creeps as Big D, Fly, Mummy Man, Toad, and Vampira.

Opening Narration

"From the monsters of the past comes a new generation dedicated to reversing the evil image of their forefathers. Under the leadership of none other than Count Dracula, known as Big D., three teenagers form the do-gooder group named the Drak Pack With special powers, they can transform into super mighty monsters and use their skills against all evil doers. Especially, the diabolical Dr. Dred and his renegade rascals: Toad, Fly, Mummy Man and Vampira. A group known as O.G.R.E. - The Organization of Generally Rotten Enterprises.

It's right over wrong.
Good over greed.
Niceness against naughtiness.

That's the dedication of the terrific trio, Frankie, Howler and Drak, Jr ...THE DRAK PACK "

Characters / Voice Credits

William Callaway as Frankie/Howler
Hans Conried as Dr. Dred
Jerry Dexter as Drak,Jr.
Julie McWhirter as Vampira
Don Messick as Toad/Fly
Alan Oppenheimer as Count Dracula

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