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Lucard - Handsome but sinister businessman seen on the short-lived series DRACULA: THE SERIES/SYN/USA/1990-91.

Lucard as the smooth, in-control businessman - DRACULA: THE SERIES

Lucard lets it all 'fang' out - DRACULA: THE SERIES

Lucard at ease Lucard Agitated

Alexander Lucard, (played by Geordie Johnson) is a wealthy entrepreneur who controls the fortunes of Lucard Industries, an international corporate empire based in Luxembourg.

In reality, Lucard is a nearly six-hundred year old vampire known as Count Dracula. His nemesis is Professor Gustav Helsing (Bernard Behrens), a vampire hunter and descendant of the original Van Helsing who stalked Dracula with a stake and a crucifix years earlier.

Gustav Helsing is assisted by his ward, Sophie Metternich (Mia Kirshner) and his two young nephews from Philadelphia, teen-age Chris and 10-year-old Max (Jacob Tierney/Joe Roncetti), who were placed in Gustav's custody by their mother, Eileen Townsend (Lynn Cormack), an international bank executive.

Lucard's assistant, on the other hand, is Klaus Helsing, the son of Gustav Helsing, the vampire hunter. Lucard turned Klaus into a vampire 13 years earlier and has taunted Gustav with this knowledge. But Gustav hopes one day to cure his son.

"You know, I really haven't got much in the way of friends. It seems I've had to kill most of them."
  -- Lucard, Dracula: The Series

Meanwhile, Lucard has a firm hold on Klaus' destiny. The one thing, however, that Lucard doesn't control is the religious relic called the Cross of Magyars. Crafted by Saint Varma,. it is the one thing that can kill him. Gustav Helsing keeps the cross at his home to ward off visits from vampires like Lucard.

As for Lucard's fashion sense, he likes the color black, wears a ring on the ring finger of his right hand and he rides in a black Mercedes limousine with white leather interior and personally drives a dark teal BMW Z1 roadster with a cream interior. He also finds poppy seeds irresistible and enjoys drinking wine ('47 Chateau Margaux or '27 Veuveot). If wine is not on the menu then some blood as an after-dinner liqueur will do.

Dracula: The Series

At the end of a long hard workday, Lucard seek refuge in a coffin located behind a large fireplace in his castle estate.

TRIVIA NOTE: The 21 half-hour episode series is based on the Dracula myth from the 1897 novel by Bram Stoker. In the novel, of course, Dracula died in the final scene of the book. But he is full of life and back to do battle with the Helsing clan in this syndicated update of the Dracula legend. (A. Lucard is "Dracula" spelled backwards).

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