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Cassandra the Witch - Thirteen year old witch with blue hair featured on the animated fantasy ULTIMATE BOOK OF SPELLS/YTV/2001-2002.

Cassandra the Witch and Friends - THE ULTIMATE BOOK OF SPELLS

Cassandra "Cassy", a third-year junior witch, attended magic school in Vonderland with her friends Gus, a half-elf second-year junior wizard, and Verne, a newcomer named Mortie (non-magic person) who unbeknownst to them, was descended from Merlin.

Secretly leaving school classes, our young trio traveled to the underworld (Centre Earth) in an attempt to retrieve the world's lost magic. They received advice and counsel from a talking book called The Ultimate Book of Spells (voiced by Ron Halder) which, one day, mysteriously arrived in the mail.

Along the way, Cassy, Gus and Verne are confronted with their nemesis, the evil wizard Zarlak who seeks to steal magic from the world above and use it for his own devious purposes, namely escaping from his imprisonment below ground.

Also on hand are Cassy's classmates, the evil twins: Lucretia and Borgia; their teacher, Miss Crystalgazer, Mr. Sternwand, the boring 'Magical Histories' teacher; and Professor Beagleboyce, the school's new librarian.

The series is based on the works of Kay Barnham.



Voice Credits

Ron Halder as UBOS
Janyse Jaud as Cassandra "Cassy"
Cathy Weseluck as Verne
Pauline Newstone as (voice) various
Jim Byrnes as (voice) various
Patricia Drake as (voice) various
Saffron Henderson as (voice)
Kirby Morrow as (voice)
Pauline Newstone as (voice)
Nicole Oliver as (voice)

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