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Rowena - Apprentice sorceress featured on the historical drama THE NEW ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD/TNT/SYN/1997-99.


Rowena trained under the tutelage of Olwyn, a wise and powerful wizard who roamed Sherwood Forest in Medieval England. On occasion, Olwyn and Rowena came to the aid of Robin Hood, a nobleman turned outlaw who battled the evil Prince John and his sorceress, Mortiana. Rowena's first adventure with Robin happened when they entered a strange castle looking for a local man who had disappeared. Trapped inside, they encountered a malevolent entity which fed off their deep dark personal fears. Luckily, Rowena and the others were able to overcome their fears and escape the castle unscathed. Another time, Rowena sought to find a way to release Robin's soul within a 24 hour period after he died prematurely and was reincarnated into the body of a killer named Briggs.

Being an apprentice sorceress, Rowena made her share of mistakes. Once, she accidentally conjured up a shape-shifting master hunter named Cerradyn who needed to capture and sacrifice seven warriors to realize his full powers and become invincible. Those victims turn out to be Rowena's friends and so though trial and error she sought to a find away to reverse her spell.

Many of the Rowena's adventures involved time travel. On one occasion, Rowena accidentally sent Robin Hood fifteen years back into the past, where he inadvertently alters the course of history by rescuing a man who becomes a despotic king. Once again, Rowena must find away to change the past to save the future.

Time travel was again in her destiny when the legendary Merlin the Magician, enlisted Rowena and Robin to train a young King Arthur so they could stop Merlin's archenemy Morganna, and the Black Knight from winning Excalibur and the throne of England.

Not surprisingly, Rowena's romantic interest was Elvis, a descendant of Barkley the inventor who traveled to the past in a time machine to visit Sherwood Forest. Rowena and Elvis spent a pleasant afternoon flying through trees on magical skateboards battling a band of marauders who stole Elvis' time machine.

TRIVIA NOTE: Rowena the Sorceress debuted in the third season. She appeared on the following episodes: No. 28 "The Haunted Castle"; No. 33 "Hunter"; No. 34 "A Date with Destiny"; No. 37 "Body and Soul"; No. 42 "Godiva"; No. 44 "Black Rose"; No. 48 "Return to Camelot"; and No. 50 "The Time Machine."


Cast Credits


Christie Woods as Rowena
Christopher Lee as Olwyn
Amanda Walker as Mortiana
Geoffrey Bayldon as Merlin
Matthew Porretta as Robin Hood [ Season 1 - 2]
John Bradley as Robin Hood [ Season 3 - 4 ]
Anna Galvin as Marion Fitzwalter [ Season 1]
Barbara Griffin as Marion Fitzwalter [ Season 2 - 4 ]
Richard Ashton as John Little, aka Little John
Martyn Ellis as Friar Michael Tuck
Andrew Bicknell as Prince John
Paul Lichtman as Barkley, the Inventor
Hakim Alston as Kemal, Nomad Warrior

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