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Aunt Singe's UrnGreat-Great-Great Aunt Singe - Long dead relative of the Addams family featured on Episode No. 41 "Halloween-Addams Style" on the occult comedy THE ADDAMS FAMILY/ABC/1964-66. Aunt Singe was burned as a witch in Salem. Her ash remains are stored in a egg-shaped urn in the Addams home.

One Halloween, Mr. Thompson, across the street told Wednesday Addams that witches did not exist while she was out trick or treating. Angered, Wednesday's mother Morticia Addams cried "What! What fiend uttered that vile canard?"

Still flustered by Mr. Thompson's allegations, Morticia decided to prove that Witches really did exist by having a séance and inviting their long dead Great-Great-Great Aunt Singe to visit their home.

Excerpts from the "Aunt Singe" Episode

Morticia: Gomez, I have a truly inspirational idea!
Gomez: Second honeymoon?
Morticia: No, darling. If we want a witch, why don't we call our own Aunt Singe?
Gomez: Won't that be a bit inconvenient?
Morticia: In spirit, darling. We'll hold a séance.
Fester: Oh, I love séances. Last time I talked to my dear departed brother, Clump.
Gomez: Did he answer?
Fester: No, that's how I knew it was my brother, Clump. He was a quiet one.
Morticia: Then it's all settled, we'll hold a séance tonight, and throw ourselves on Aunt Singe's mercy.
Gomez: You think she'll answer?
Morticia: Oh course! What right thinking witch would turn down a child on Halloween?!

Morticia gathered the family together in the cellar and begins the séance ceremony by placing a serpents tooth and jawbone of an ass into a steaming pot on the table. She then chants "O, noble spirits in your lofty sphere, look down upon this small ensemble....." Followed by "O Fire of Salem, O flame of Satan. Come in Aunt Singe, we're all awaiting....Come in Aunt Singe! Come in Aunt Singe! Please come in!"

Concerned the Aunt Singe might not be available due to the Halloween rush, Grandmama and Lurch the Butler conspired to bring Aunt Singe to life at the séance by bogus means.

Grandmama: Forget it! Tonight, you've got to stay here and help me! (Thing leaves, banging his lid in anger, Lurch groans) well you've got to. Imagine that Morticia and Gomez, thinking they can get a witch to pop up on a hours notice, especially on Halloween, the busiest night in the year. You do realize how disappointed those children will be? (Lurch groans affirmatively) I'm glad you feel that way, Lurch. So, tonight, you are a witch! (Lurch looks horrified)
Lurch: (Falsetto) You called. (Holds throat in agony)
Gomez: By George, she answered!
Morticia: She may be cinders but she's a lady.
Fester: How do we really know it is Aunt Singe?
Grandmama: Of course it's her, I'll show you. (Calls) 'Hello out there! If that's you Aunt Singe, Knock three times and whistle twice. If it isn't, whistle once and knock twice. You'd better make that four knock's and two whistles or, and one short whistle and two long knock's if your not.'
  Lurch looks puzzled and tries to count on fingers, then shrugs his shoulders.
Lurch: (Falsetto) This is Aunt Singe!
Gomez: There!
Morticia: Aunt Singe, would you please say something to Wednesday?
Lurch: (Falsetto) Hello, Wednesday!
Wednesday: Please, come see us. Please! Just once!
Lurch: (Falsetto) Well...alright.
Wednesday: (Chirpy) Oh, goody! We'll wait up for you!
Gomez: Morticia, you've done it!
Morticia: How could she resist such a loving invitation?
  Morticia pulls a noose, a gong sounds and Lurch is immediately beside her.
Lurch: (Falsetto) You ra...(Clears throat, normal deep tone) You rang?
Morticia: Yes, Lurch. Put some hot coals in the guest room, Aunt Singe is coming!

Later that night a man and a women on a Halloween scavenger hunt show up at the Addams Home. The woman is dressed like a witch and she is immediately mistaken for Aunt Singe and invited into the house.

Lurch: Visitor from spirit world....
Gomez: By George, you made it!
Morticia: Welcome to our humble, earthly abode.
Woman: Well! Have you people been on a scavenger hunt! Could you spare a few things? I've got to find three items. Would you have a Louisville bat, black?
Morticia: Gomez, darling, do they come in any other colors?
Gomez: (Thinks) The Louisville....I don't know. But we can get you some hometown black bats from the attic?
  Wednesday enters carrying a placard that reads 'WELCOME AUNT SINGE'.
Wednesday: Good evening, Aunt Singe!
Woman: Aunt Singe?!? I don't know what your talking about? You must have mistaken me for someone else! (Starts to leave)
Morticia: No, no, no, we didn't! That's a Addams face if I ever saw one. Look at that chin, dear.
Gomez: Flabby, weak, receding.
Morticia: Beautiful!
Gomez: Oh, Aunty, here's a broom. (Hands her a broom) And, if you cold do a few quick turns around the room, I'm sure Wednesday would appreciate it.
Woman: (Anxiously takes broom) Turns?
  Lurch returns with cage of live bats.
Lurch: The bats....
Woman: (Shrieks) Live bats?!
  Fester enters and removes a glowing light bulb from his mouth to speak.
Fester: Why didn't someone tell me Aunt Singe was here? I was just catching a little snooze, up in my tree.
Woman: Did you say 'up in your tr...'(Cut off)
  There's a roar and a lion crawls downstairs.
Morticia: Oh, isn't that sweet! Even Kitty Kat's come down to welcome you!
  Penelope screams, then faints into Lurch arms. Kitty runs back upstairs crying.
Morticia: The emotional reunion must have been too much for her!
  Cousin Cackle suddenly appears and tries to revive her by slapping her face. She wakes, see's Cackles maniacal face and runs screaming through the window still clutching the broom.
Gomez: Well, that's the way it goes on Halloween! You have to keep on the move!
Morticia: I'm so glad she kept her promise and I'm very happy she's using our broom.
  Grandmama enters
Grandmama: Listen everybody, I've got bad news! Aunt Singe isn't coming!
Morticia: What?
Gomez: Isn't coming?
Grandmama: No, I've just left her and she said to tell you she's sorry but on account of the big Halloween rush.....
Morticia: But Grandmama, Aunt Singe was just here!
Grandmama: (Puzzled) She was?
Morticia: Oh, yes, and whatever she told you about the holiday rush is quite true, why, she flew right out the window!
Gomez: She even forgot her hat! (Picks up hat and puts it on Morticia) Beautiful!

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