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Witches & Sorceresses 

The Sorceress - Exotic enchantress featured on the fantasy adventure BEASTMASTER/SYN/1999-2002.

Monika Schnarre as The Sorceress - BEASTMASTER

The Sorceress is the pupil of The Ancient One, an all powerful wizard who lives in a mountain cavern. The Ancient One existed long before there were animals or human beings and his body is a jig saw puzzle of skin, bone and other elemental substances. The Ancient One mentors The Sorceress in the ways of magic. But, for the luxury of his tutelage, the Sorceress agrees to forgo love - for love is forbidden to those who work magic. Unfortunately, The Sorceress falls in love with a fellow sorcerer named Sharak. Their secret love is revealed to the Ancient One by the demon Yamira (who also desired Shakar). As punishment, the Ancient One wipes away The Sorceress' memories and turns her lover Sharak into an eagle who would eternally roam the skies.

"Ambiguities. Riddles. Silly proverbs. That’s all you ever say, never the truth about anything. You never meant to teach me about your world, only tease me and control me...All this time you say you’ve been teaching me, and you have. But what I have learned is to value those things you would have me believe are of no value: like human emotion, love and joy, and hope...Feelings are all that matter. Unless you feel, what is there?"

  -- The Sorceress to The Ancient One

Some time later, the Ancient One again punished The Sorceress by giving back her memories. This further strained the pupil-teacher relationship and The Sorceress vows to overcome the Ancient One as she more and more defies his wishes. Now, desperate to be with Sharak once again, The Sorceress looks for ways to turn her love back into a man or at the very least communicate with him. This could be done by stealing the abilities of a warrior named Beastmaster who was given the power (a gift from the demon Curupira) to communicate with all animals. Ironically, Shakar was now Beastmaster's companion.

"You were wise to be cautious. I was not. And now we both suffer. I can now remember our love, but you have always remembered it. And yet we can not be together. I wish you could understand me."
  -- The Sorceress to Sharak

Besides the Beastmaster, The Sorceress has tampered with the lives of other humans. She befriends King Zad, and promises to capture Kyra who had escaped from his clutches; creates unicorns, and frees the Minotaur of his curse by making him a full man. However, despite her acts of kindnesses, The Sorceress professes the creed "If you want to punish someone, make them suffer, you need to know what they value, and then take it away." This was a lesson she learned well from her own mentor The Ancient One.

Before leaving on a journey of self discovery to renew his powers, the Ancient One imprisons The Sorceress in a coffin of amber and recruits in her place a new sorceress who was less devious as his former pupil. She became an ally to Beastmaster and the animals because both cherished nature. However, the new Sorceress is still very much a follower of the Ancient One's teachings and cynicism. When the Ancient One returned from his quest, he was destroyed by Balcifer and the new Sorceress fades into the background. Soon after, the original Sorceress was freed by King Zad's and became an ally to the BeastMaster and her lover, Sharak (whom she hoped one day would return to human form).

"I could be a friend. Perhaps the most important friend you ever had. Or the worst enemy you ever dreamed."
  -- The Sorceress to Dar


Cast Credits

Monika Schnarre as The Sorceress
Dylan Bierk as The New Sorceress (2001)
Grahame Bond as The Ancient One (1999-2001)
Daniel Goddard as Dar, The Beastmaster
Jackson Raine as Tao
Marjean Holden as Arina
Steven Grives as King Zad
Natalie Jackson Mendoza as Kyra
Emilie de Ravin as The Demon Curupira
Sam Healy as  The Demon Iara
David Paterson as King Voden
Marc Singer as Dartanus
Ivor Kants as Slythius / Ramah
Dominic Purcell as Kelb
Leah Purcell as The Black Apparition
Mark Lee as Hjalmar
Tasma Walton as Caro

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