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TABITHA - The Entire Series on DVD
Tabitha with Marvin, Paul, Minerva & Adam

The last we heard of Tabitha she was abiding by a ruling from the Witches Council to marry a human. The chosen target: Paul Thurston. We are still waiting to learn the outcome.

Tabitha's Opening Narration

"Once upon a time there was little girl named Tabitha. She and her family lived in a typical American home. There was a mother, Samantha; a father, Darrin; little Tabitha; and her brother, Adam. As Tabitha grew older, her parents discovered that she was a gifted child ["Look!" (Tabitha levitates a book)]...quite gifted. but wisely they didn't pay a lot of attention to that and Tabitha grew up ju-u-u-u-st right with pigtails and freckles, just like any other typical American girl. Eeeh, almost."

[Lisa Hartman begins singing the theme song]

Some people got it,
Some people don't
You never know until you try
You never know baby if you can fly
If you try. It could be magic the way i feel,
It could be magic but it feels so real.
It could be magic
Eew yeah,
Well, it could be magic.
It could be magic.

TRIVIA NOTE: In this pilot (entitled TABATHA), Tabatha lived in San Francisco and chose to live her life as a mortal and not use witchcraft. Her brother Adam, however, was a full-fledged Warlock and tried to convince Tabatha to use her magical abilities. (Susan Dey of The Partridge Family fame was asked to play the role, but she turned it down

A pilot episode screened in the USA by ABC on 24 April 1976 (not shown in Britain) featured Liberty Williams as Tabitha and Bruce Kimmel as Adam. In the series that followed a year later Tabitha was played by Lisa Hartman; she also sang the theme song 'It's Magic' and later enjoyed a successful career as a rock singer.

On 2 December 1972, ABC screened a one-hour animated special, Tabitha And Adam And The Clown Family, in which the teenage witch and her younger warlock brother were pitched into a circus setting. Cindy Eilbacher and Michael Morgan provided the principal voices.

Tabitha Show Title Shot


Cast Credits

Lisa Hartman as Tabitha Stephens
Robert Urich as Paul Thurston
David Ankrum as Adam Stephens
Karen Morrow as Aunt Minerva
Mel Stewart as Marvin Decker
Bernard Fox as Dr. Bombay
Penelope Willis as Nancy Kravitz
Mary Wickes as Cassandra
Tracey Reed as Portia
Dack Rambo as Ted Binham
Fred McCarren as Jeff

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