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Winnie Goodwinn - Perky but dizzy blonde witch featured on the short-lived fantasy series called FREE SPIRIT/ABC/1989-90.

Corinne Bohrer as Winnie Goodwinn - FREE SPIRIT

Winnie works for a network of witches who provide public services to needy earthlings. When a young boy named Gene Harper (10) wished for someone to take care of him, and his siblings Jessica (13) and Robb (16), Winnie the Witch (a.k.a. Winnie Goodwinn) arrived on the doorsteps of 33 Essex Drive in Connecticut to become the family's new live-in housekeeper. Ironically, Winnie's tour of duty as a public service witch was just about to expire when Gene made his wish which detoured her to earth to help the Harpers.

With young Gene's help, Winnie passes an interview with their father, Thomas J. Harper, a widowed private practice attorney, and she quickly begins to weave her magic in the Harper household. Soon, all the children in the family learn that Winnie is a witch, but they conveniently keep that fact a secret from their work-weary father who'd like to spend more time with his kids.

When magic was needed, Winnie was quick to oblige. If she needed tickets to a concert, they popped out of the toaster. Once, a woman wanted to marry T.J. so Winnie created a Truth Soup and served it a dinner. Of course, after that little dinner party, the women revealed her gold-digging intentions and quickly lost her chances with T.J.

Winnie Goodwinn - FREE SPIRITNot all of Winnie's magical intercessions went smoothly. Once, she accidentally split Rob into two personality's: one good; and the other just pure evil. And during a Halloween party (Winnie hates Halloween) she accidentally made Jessica disappear. Luckily, the accident lets Jessica learn whom her real friends really were - and they weren't the girls from the exclusive club ("Debs") which she wanted to join. Other Winnie goofs included serving up a cabinet of chickens when she really wanted eggs, and turning Jessica's dates into monkeys.

As for Winnie, she was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1665. She has two family members: Her warlock father, and a beautiful sister named Cassandra who fell in love with Rob Harper on one of her visits. Winnie's also had an old warlock boyfriend named Kevin whom she refused to marry years ago.

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Cast Credits

Corinne Bohrer as Winnie Goodwinn
Edan Gross as Gene Harper
Alyson Hannigan as Jessie Harper
Franc Luz as Thomas J. Harper
Paul Scherrer as Robb Harper
Josie Davis as Cassandra Goodwin
Michael Constantine as Winnie's father

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