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The Black Stallion - Sleek black Arabian stallion featured on the animal series THE BLACK STALLION (Adventures of)/FAM/1990-93.


Adapted from the classic children's novel by Walter Farley, the series followed Henry Dailey (Mickey Rooney), a grumpy horse trainer who helped an aspiring teenage jockey named Alec Ramsey (Richard Ian Cox) realize his dreams of glory in the racing world. Alec called his horse "The Black."

The TV series followed the success of the theatrically released feature films The Black Stallion (1979) and The Black Stallion Returns (1983).

A horse named Case Olé, a purebred Arabian from San Antonio Texas played the role of the Black Stallion in the movies (trained by Corky Randall). Case Olé did not like to eat apples.

The horse on the TV series was a quarter horse called Docs Keeping Time (a.k.a. Justin - "Just in time"). His trainer was Rex Paterson, a Nebraskan who trained under Glenn Randall, Corky's father.  Justin also appeared in The Black Beauty (1994) and The Horse Whisperer (1998).

In 2003, The Young Black Stallion, the Walt Disney prequel to the 1979 film told the story of young girl named Neera (Biana Tamimi), who befriends a wild desert colt (whom she names "Shetan") while she searched for her father in Arabia during WWII. 

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