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Charger - White stallion owned by Crusader Rabbit on the cartoon series CRUSADER RABBIT/SYN/1949-57.

Crusader Rabbit on his horse, Charger

The series featured the adventures of Crusader Rabbit, a white rabbit in knight's armor and his tiger squire Ragland T. Rags who lived in Galahad Glen.

They battled such villains as Babyface Barracuda, Belfry Q. Bat, Dudley Nightshade, Wetstone Whiplash and a two-headed dragon named Arson and Sterno.

The cartoon's first syndicated episodes (149) were in black & white. A second series of 4-minute color episodes (260) were produced by Shull Bonsall in 1956 for release in 15/30 minute programs.

The voices of Crusader and Rags were supplied by Lucille Bliss and Vern Louden (Ge Ge Pearson and Vern Louden as the voices of Crusader and Rags in the color episodes).

TRIVIA NOTE: Charger was also  the horse ridden by Heath Barkley (Lee Major) on the western adventure THE BIG VALLEY/ABC/1965-69. Heath lived on the 30,000 acre Barkley Ranch located four miles outside the city of Stockton, California. His brother Nick Barkley (Peter Breck) rode a horse called Coco.

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