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Diablo - Black & white pinto mare ridden by Duncan Renaldo when he played the Cisco Kid, a Mexican "Robin Hood of the Old West" on the western adventure THE CISCO KID/SYN/1950-56.

Diablo the horse and Duncan Renaldo - THE CISCO KID

In the original 1907 story "The Caballero's Way," written by O. Henry (the inspiration for a series) Cisco's horse was an unnamed speckled roan.

"He had escaped capture because he could shoot five-sixths of a second sooner than any sheriff or ranger in the service, and because he rode a speckled roan horse that knew every cowpath in the mesquite and pear thickets from San Antonio to Matamoras."

In the subsequent movies (starring Warner Baxter, Cesar Romero, Gilbert Roland, Duncan Renaldo, and Jimmy Smits as the Cisco Kid)  the horse was called Diablo.

Cisco Kid - Dell Comic

Cisco Kid Movie Poster - 'Old New Mexico'

Cisco Kid - DVD

Comic Movie DVD

When the TV series Diablo retired, he was stabled at the Santa Barbara home of Duncan Renaldo.

Leo Carillo as Pancho with his horse, Loco - THE CISCO KID
Pancho and Loco

Cisco's sidekick, Pancho (Leo Carrillo) rode a horse named Loco.

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