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 Hospitals at a Glance

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Medical Facility Location Program

St. John's Hospital

USA Laurie Hill     

Webster Memorial Hospital 

USA The Lazarus Syndrome 

Lang Memorial Hospital

Santa Monica, CA       Marcus Welby, M.D. 

4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

Korean War Front M*A*S*H* 

British Hospital Psychiatric Unit 

London, UK Maybury  

Mission General Hospital

San Francisco, CA MDs  

University Medical Center Hospital 

Los Angeles, CA Medical Center

Bayview Medical Center 

Seattle, WA Medicine Ball 

Wilshire Memorial Hospital 

Los Angeles, CA Melrose Place

Mercy Point Deep Space Medical Facility

Outer Space Mercy Point     

David Craig Institute 

USA      The New Doctors     

Capitol General Hospital

Washington, DC New Temperatures Rising  

Wilshire Memorial Hospital 

Los Angeles, CA Nightingales

Grant Memorial Hospital 

New York City, NY Nurse 

Miami Community Medical Center

Miami, FL Nurses  

Alden General Hospital 

New York City, NY The Nurses 

Health Centre

London, UK The Practice  
Presidio Medical Group San Francisco, CA Presidio Med

L.A. County Coroner's Office 

Los Angeles, CA Quincy, M.E.  

Little Innocence Hospital 

Nebraska. USA Rachel Gunn, R.N.   

Harbor Hospital Nurse (Wing-C) 

Baltimore, MD Roc  

Wilshire Memorial Hospital 

Los Angeles, CA Ryan's Four  

Saint Elsewhere
(St. Eligius Hospital) 

Boston, MA St. Elsewhere

Sacred Heart Hospital

USA    Scrubs  
Hudson Memorial Hospital New York City, NY STAT  
Kingdom Hospital Kingdom Hospital
686 Kingdom Road
Lewiston, ME 11225
Stephen' King's
Kingdom Hospital

Rittenhouse Hospital

Philadelphia, PA Strong Medicine

British Hospital 

London, UK Surgical Spirit            

Capitol General Hospital 

Washington, DC Temperatures Rising      

Ward 13 East Hospital 

USA 13 East  

Wilshire Memorial Hospital 

Los Angeles, CA Three's Company     

San Francisco Memorial Hospital

San Francisco, CA Trapper John, M.D.  

McKee General  Hospital Emergency Room (E/R)

USA Trauma Center

University Hospital 

Seattle, WA University Hospital  

Lowlands University Hospital

London, UK A Very Peculiar Practice    

South Park Hospital 

London, UK The Ward     

Westside Medical Clinic 

Southern California Westside Medical 

Blair General Hospital 

USA Young Dr. Kildare      

Valley Hospital 

Three Oaks, USA Young Dr. Malone 

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