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Mercy Point - State-of-the-art 23rd century outer space medical facility on the science fiction series MERCY POINT/UPN/1998-99.

Mercy Point Space Station Medical Center

Set in the year 2249, Mercy Point is a self-contained, emergency hospital with a uniquely skilled staff and an experimental charter to treat both humans and aliens.

Perched on the remote boundary of an unknown and "unstable" region of deep space known as the Sahartic Divide - about a month's journey from Earth - Mercy Point was designed to treat some 50,000 human and alien patients who lived within a flotilla of independent space stations known collectively as Jericho.


Mercy Point staff included:

  • Dr. Grote Maxwell (Joe Morton), an alien physiologist and the primary emergency physician at Mercy Point
  • Dr.Haylen Breslauer (Maria Del Mar), the facility's senior surgeon
  • her estranged, competitive younger sister, Dr. Dru Breslauer (Alexandra Wilson)
  • Dr. Harris DeMilla (Joe Spano), the station's Chief of Staff
  • Dr. Caleb "C.J." Jurado (Brian McNamara), the Director of Extra-Vehicular Medicine
  • Android Nursing Interface - A.N.I. (Julia Pennington), a beautiful, by-the-book android nurse
  • Dr. Rema Cook (Gay Thomas-Wilson), a psycho-surgeon
  • Dr. Batung (Jordoan Lund), an insensitive Shenn alien surgeon who barely tolerates humans
  • Nurse Molly Tobitt (Christine Willes)
  • Nurse Davies (Kirstin Robek)
  • Mednaut Cowan (Leanne Adachi)
  • Mednaut Thurston (Rick Ravenello)
  • Mednaut Westhusing (Joe Pascual)

Also on duty is a talking, medical interface computer named Hippocrates (first created in 2200) that helped monitor the patient's status.

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