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Rampart General Hospital  - Los Angeles medical facility featured on the medical drama EMERGENCY!/NBC/1972-79.

Medical Staff and Paramedics from Rampart Hospital - EMERGENCY!
Medical staff and Paramedics at Rampart General Hospital

Rampart General Hospital was the destination for paramedics from Fire Station  51 whose paramedic's  routinely transported people in crisis to Rampart's Emergency Room.

As the paramedics prepared to rush the patients to the hospital, they were in constant contact via radio with Rampart Hospital  who provided life saving instructions while heading to the ER for assistance.

Physicians on staff included:

  • Robert Fuller as Dr. Kelly Brackett
  • Bobby Troup as Dr. Joe Early 
    Ron Pinkard as Dr. Mike Morton

Paramedics [responding via radio from trauma scene] Rampart:  Vital signs are BP 70 over 40; Pulse 170; EKG shows...V-tach. Hold it!  Rampart...shows defib.
Dr. Early: 10-4, 51. Counter shock with 400 watts seconds.
Paramedic: Stand clear... all right.. hold it...Go! [administers schock] Rampart...He's back in the sinus rhythm.
Dr. Early: 10-4, 51 Start lidocaine drip and insert esophageal airway.
Paramedic: 10-4 Rampart.

Other support personnel included:

  • Julie London as Rampart Nurse Dixie McCall
  • Patricia Mickey as Rampart Nurse Sharon Walter
  • Dick Hammer as Fire Captain Hammer
  • Michael Norell as Fire Captain Hank Stanley
  • John Smith as Fire Captain John Smith
  • Kevin Tighe as Paramedic Roy DeSoto
  • Randolph Mantooth as Paramedic John Gage
  • Tim Donnelly as Fireman Chet Kelly
  • Marco López as Fireman Marco Lopez
  • Mike Stoker as Fireman Mike Stoker
  • Sam Lanier as Radio Dispatcher
  • Vince Howard as Officer Vince
  • Deidre Hall as Sally

TRIVIA NOTE: The hospital used to portray Rampart General Hospital was Harbor General Hospital (now called Harbor-UCLA Medical Cente) located in Torrance, California at 1000 West Carson Street, the intersection of Vermont Avenue and Carson Street.

The fictional Station House 51 (the home base of paramedics Gage and Desoto) was actually Los Angeles County Fire Station 127 located at 2049 East 223rd Street (between Wilmington and Alameda Streets) in Carson, California.

The animated Saturday morning spin-off  EMERGENCY +4, that aired on NBC from 1973 to 1976, continued the exploits of  John Gage & Roy DeSoto of Rescue Squad No.51 with the help of a four-kid ambulance crew (which included a dog, a monkey, and a mynah bird)

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