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 Hotels, Motels & Inns at a Glance

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Hotel, Motel, Inn Location Program
Theatrical Boarding House  Hollywood, CA

Mama Rosa 

Earls Court Apartments London, UK

Man About The House

Melrose Place Apartments

Los Angeles, CA

Melrose Place

Miami Hotel Owners Association Miami, FL

Miami Undercover

Marina Palms Hotel       Newport Beach, CA   


Drego's Oasis Motel   Rural Michigan

Muddling Through

Carlton Arms New York City, NY

My Little Margie

Bed & Breakfast   Wilton, MA

Mystery Files Of Shelby Woo

Stratford Inn Norwich, VT


Nightingale Residence Hall   Los Angeles, CA   Nightingales 
Golden Calf Hotel  Las Vegas, NV


Nutt House Hotel

New York City, NY

The Nutt House

199 Park Lane Apartments London, UK

199 Park Lane 

The Metropolitan           Mid-Manhattan, NY

Over the Top 

Palace Hotels    Worldwide Chain

Palace Guard

The Whispering Pines Hotel   California


Shady Rest Hotel    Hooterville, USA

Petticoat Junction 

High-rise Apartment  Manhattan. NY

Room For Romance

The Royalty Hotel   London, UK

The Royalty

The Sandford Arms  Los Angeles, CA

The Sanford Arms 

Motor Haven Motel  Henderson, IL

Search For Tomorrow

The Sussex-Fenton Hotel   New York City, NY


The Tipton Hotel Boston, MA Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Rio Hotel   Las Vegas, NV

Super Dave's Vegas 

The Monkey Bar & Hotel Boragora Island

Tales Of The Gold Monkey

Roper Apartment Complex Los Angeles, CA

Three's Company 

Paradise Beach Resort Hotel Florida

Thunder in Paradise

The Trade Winds Resort St. Martin Island

Trade Winds

Plummers Park London, UK


Desert Inn Hotel/Casino Las Vegas, NV


Bennington Hotel  Manhattan, NY Working It Out 

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