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Mr. Buzz - A chubby human in a bee costume who represented the National PromoFlor Council in their $20 million "Think Flowers" campaign, which played in cable TV and radio ads during non-holiday periods.

Mr. Buzz - National PromoFlor Council
        Mr. Buzz

In 1996, the National PromoFlor Council aired a "Think Flowers" commercial campaign starring Mr. Buzz that began with "Say Hello to Buzz" and followed with Mr. Buzz saying "As a bee I understand flowers" and "Flowers make people feel happy."

Mr. Buzz is a "a Johnny Appleseed for flora, pitching the benefits of buying flowers to men and women in everyday places like an airport, a dentist's office, a golf course and a park."

In one of Mr. Buzz's first commercials four men are playing golf and one is talking about what to get his wife for their anniversary. In comes Mr. Buzz and suggests flowers -the same kind that were in her wedding bouquet - and presto! the problem is solved.

The Harris Ad Track Research Service for USA Today indicated that consumers found the "Buzz the Bee" spokesperson pleasing as an advertising mascot ("the recall of this figure is phenomenal”). Buzz made people think about buying flowers throughout the year rather than just for special occasions.

The National Promoflor Council in Annapolis, MD - a member of the Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Fruits and Vegetables - receives financial support (a self-imposed tax) from flower growers, importers and wholesalers to promote their industry.

In 1993, floral industry spearheaded the passage of PromoFlor through Congress. In 1994, PromoFlor was signed into law and the industry began a massive campaign to promote flowers between holidays.

A few years later,  in June 1997, 58 percent (or 422) members voted against continuing the program. Consequently, the Fresh Cut Flowers and Fresh Cut Greens Promotion and Information Order, otherwise known as PromoFlor was  terminated effective July 29, 1997.

The "Buzz the Bee" spots were  created by Deutsch Inc., the New York agency.

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