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Fearless Fly - Super-powered insect seen on segments of the Hal Seeger cartoon MILTON THE MONSTER/ABC/1965-68.


Living in a matchbox beneath a picket fence, the mild-mannered Hiram Fly was in reality the superhero Fearless Fly who battled such enemies as Ferocious Fly and the Chinese villain, Dr. Goo Fee and his henchman, Gung Ho.

When trouble called, Hiram put on a brown helmet, red costume with a white "F" on the chest, and a pair of square-shaped supersonic glasses that bestowed super-strength and X-ray vision. When not battling villains, Hiram hangs out at the Sugar Bowl with his fly friends, Flora and Horsey. See also - ANTS: "Atom Ant"

Opening Narration:

Narrator: "Faster that a streaking rocket! Speedier than a flash of light! It's Fearless Fly! Possessed of a super strength so powerful: no fly swatter can harm him; no fly paper can hold him; no insecticide can stop him. Always careful not to reveal his true identity, Fearless Fly hides from view as he removes his glasses, which generate millions of megatons of energy through the sensitive muscles in his head and becomes a meek, mild, passive little fly known as Hiram."

Fearless Fly

Fearless Fly Ready for Action

The Sugar Bowl Hangout

Flora, Hiram & Horsey Fly

The Sugar Bowl Flora, Hiram and Horsey


Voice Credits

Dayton Allen as Fearless Fly
/ Professor Weirdo
Beverly  Arnold as Flora Fly
Bob McFadden as Dr. Goo Fee (Additional voices)

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