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Miss Spider - Kind, generous arachnid featured on the 3-D animated educational series MISS SPIDER'S SUNNY PATCH FRIENDS/NIK/2004+.

Miss Spider

Miss Spider lives in woodland area called Sunny Patch. She is a vegetarian and adopts a number of homeless bugs to become part of her family whom she teaches lessons of love and friendship.

The roster of Sunny Patch residents included:

  • Holley Spider, Miss Spider's guitar-playing husband who loves children
  • Ted and Ned, the red ants
  • Beetrice, the queen bee
  • Spiderus, a white spider
  • Squirt, a curious green buggie
  • Shimmer, the pink beetle (her parents were eaten by a garden snake)
  • Bounce, a blue bedbug (Dragon is is best friend)
  • Dragon, a purple dragon who loves to fly with Shimmer (Dragon's parents were eaten by Hoot the Owl)
  • Wiggle, a little blue-colored spider who likes to explore with his friends Squirt and Spinner
  • Spinner, a geeky spider who wears glasses
  • Pansy and Snowdrop, the family's six-year-old twin girls (Pansy is the tomboy; Snowdrop is a brainy inventor).

TRIVIA NOTE: Based on the beloved children's books by David Kirk, the "Miss Spider" series aired in the fall of 2004 on Nick Jr. at 10:00AM and on Saturdays on CBS at 12:30PM. It was produced by Nelvana and Callaway & Kirk Entertainment. A prequel entitled Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids (with Bounce and Dragon) aired March 31, 2003.

 In Kirk's first book, "Miss Spider's Tea Party" (1994), Miss Spider has trouble making friends because the other bugs fear they will be eaten. In subsequent stories, Miss Spider gets married, starts a family, buys a car and learns the alphabet. The series gentle storylines, as one reviewer remarked "allows young children to get in touch with their own 'inner bug' ". The idea for Miss Spider came from Kirk's oldest daughter, Violet.

In 1995, Madonna read "Tea Party" at a nightclub event broadcast live on MTV. In 2002, Target retail store began offering a "Sunny Patch" clothing line for children, as well as garden and home decor products, such as a spider sprinkler and ladybug kneepads. A line of Mattel Inc.'s Fisher-Price toys soon followed.


Voice Credits

Rebecca Baccnea as Shimmer
Scott Boden as Squirt
Kristin Davis as Miss Spider
Aaryn Doyle as Pansy
Mitchell Eisner as Dragon
Patricia Gage as Betty Beatle
Catherine Gallant as Beetrice
Emily Hampshire as Kaite
Tony Jay as Spiderus
Alexandra Lai as Snowdrop
Julie Lemieux as Bounce
Scott McCord as Stinky
Marc McHulkman as Wiggle
Kristina Nicole as Spinderella
Austin Obulio as Spinner
Peter Oldring as Gus
Ezra Perlman as Eddy
Robert Tinkler as Grub
Jonathan Wilson as Ned
Phillip Wiojams as Ted

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